Complete List of Top Multinational Companies in Nigeria

Top Multinational Companies in Nigeria
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Searching for information on top multinational companies in Nigeria? This article highlights some of the top multinational corporations in Nigeria. Sit tight and have a good read.

Introduction to Multinational Companies

We hear of various foreign companies in Nigeria today, not just because of their killer TV ads or elegant Instagram pages, but because we can feel the impact of their products/services around us.

They are companies from other countries that explore new terrains and customers in other countries apart from their home countries.

They are known as multinational companies and they produce, distribute, and market products or services in more than one country.

Multinational companies are firms and corporations that own facilities, employees, and other assets in various countries. If an Indian company, for example, sets up facilities in countries like Ukraine and Switzerland, you may refer to it as a multinational company.

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Multinational Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa.

It is a source of a large and quite unending pool of customers for a wide range of products.

So, it is no surprise that many international companies in Nigeria are setting up facilities to exploit the rich customer source.

There are various types of companies in Nigeria, many of which are multinational corporations.

This article discusses the best of the best multinational companies. Get ready to be educated by this piece.

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Top Multinational Companies in Nigeria

  • Chevron
  • Unilever
  • Google
  • Nestle
  • MTN
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Coca-Cola
  • Shell
  • May and Baker Pharmaceuticals
  • China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)
  • British Airways
  • Lafarge Africa
  • DHL Logistics


Chevron is one of the big guns of energy production in the world.

The company was established in 1879, and it has its headquarters in San Ramon.

Chevron has many brands under its umbrella, some of which include Standard Oil, Ursa, Texaco, Caltex, Star Mart, and Havoline.

Chevron is operational in more than 180 countries, including Nigeria, which makes it a multinational company in the country.

It is the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world, and it has made great strides in creating alternative energy sources to reduce the overall emission of dangerous particles into the atmosphere.

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic in 2020, Chevron managed to overthrow Exxon Mobil Corp as the largest American oil company by market value with a market capitalization of $142 billion compared to the latter’s $141.6 billion.

The opportunities and wages paid to their employees make Chevron one of the best companies to work for in Nigeria.

Almost everyone in the oil sector wants to work with them.

They are without a doubt, one of the best multinational oil companies in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

Their establishments are some of the best on the list of oil companies in Lagos.


When talking about fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in Nigeria, or anywhere, Unilever will always be in the conversation.

The company is a British multinational company operating in 190 countries, with its main headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

The company produces consumer goods such as energy drinks, food, candy, ice cream, tea, desserts, condiments, extracts, and other products.

Unilever owns about 400 brands.

The company has made annual sales of one billion euros or more on brands such as Lipton, Knorr, Surf, Dove, Hellman’s, Magnum, and Lux.

It is also the largest producer of soap globally.

Unilever is one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

You can find their offices in Lagos, Ibadan, and Port-Harcourt.

It is common knowledge that Unilever establishments are some of the best FMCG companies in Lagos, and anyone would be happy to work in their ranks.

With its heavy involvement in the Nigerian market, you can add Unilever to the top of the list of public companies in Nigeria.

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Google is one of the top tech companies in Nigeria, or anywhere in the world.

Many will consider them the number one when it comes to internet services and technology.

This multinational company is probably the most popular name globally.

Their services are known and used by (almost) everyone across the globe.

Google provides internet services and products such as cloud computing, online advertising, software and hardware, and a search engine.

It was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and has its headquarters at Menlo Park, California in the United States, but is currently operational in over 50 countries.

Google is one of the leading IT companies in Nigeria, and it is providing tech opportunities for youths.

They currently own Google products such as;

  • Google Play
  • The Google Translator
  • Google Drive
  • AdSense
  • Nexus
  • Tango
  • YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos
  • The Google Analytics
  • Gmail
  • Android, and loads.

With this type of pedigree and worldwide impact, Google will make any list of multinational companies in Lagos, Nigeria, or anywhere in the world.

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Nestle is arguably the largest amongst food and beverage companies in Nigeria and globally.

It was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle and it currently has its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.

Many of the foods and beverages consumed by Nigerians are produced by Nestle.

Some of these products include;

  • Maggi
  • Cerelac
  • Nutrend
  • Nan
  • Lactogen
  • Golden Morn
  • Milo
  • Cheerios Chocomilo
  • Nido
  • Nescafe, and
  • Nestle Pure Life.

Their products are all over the country, and so are their facilities. Nestle has two major factory locations in Nigeria.

Nestle factories in Nigeria are;

  • Agbara Manufacturing Complex located at KM 2, Agbara Industrial Estate, and
  • FlowerGate Factory located at Kajola Village, Sagamu.

Nestle will make every list of FMCG companies in Nigeria.

Their impact on the Nigerian food market makes them one of the top 100 companies in Nigeria.


Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) started its operations in Nigeria on May 16, 2001, making it the first telecommunications network to make a call in Nigeria.

Today, this company is literally everywhere you go.

Roughly about 60 million Nigerians make use of MTN SIM cards and the number keeps rising every day.

It was initially launched in 1994, with its first headquarters at Johannesburg, South Africa.

MTN services are currently operational in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle-East.

They have various offices in Nigeria, and their impeccable network services will put them on any list of names of multinational companies in Nigeria.

MTN has also worked in collaboration with many top IT firms in Nigeria to create better telecommunication services for its Nigerian users.

With its top-notch facilities and customer engagement system, MTN Nigeria is surely one of the best multinational companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Standard Chartered Bank

As of September 1999, Standard Chartered Bank was one of the few new multinational companies in Nigeria.

Today, they’ve created a foothold in the Nigerian banking system, and it would be hard to erase their footprints.

Standard Chartered PLC is a multinational financial services company established in 1969, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, London.

This company is currently operational in over 70 countries, and its services make them one of the best banking organizations in Nigeria.

Their superb insurance policies also rank them as one of the top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria.

They are also amongst the top investment banks in Nigeria.

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Coca-Cola is a multinational beverage brand that has moved from its initial establishment in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, to over 200 countries globally.

In fact, the brand is out of this world, literally, as it was the first beverage to be consumed on the moon.

Coca-Cola is one of the most consumed beverage drinks in Nigeria.

Their products are top class, with many flavors to suit a wide range of customers in the market.

The various brands under the Coca-Cola Company include;

  • Fanta
  • Schweppes
  • Sprite
  • Fresca
  • Aquarius
  • Ades
  • Barq’s, and many more.

Coca-Cola is fully licensed to operate in Nigeria, and their establishments are some of the top companies in Lagos.


Headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands is the oil and gas juggernaut company, Shell.

The company is the fifth-largest company in the world, and they deal with energy and petrochemicals.

Shell aims to create sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy solutions for the future and has a heavy presence in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria.

Shell is currently operational in over 70 countries globally.

They have major establishments in Nigeria, and their offices are highly rated on the list of multinational companies in Abuja.

They are high up in the list of top 50 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and they deserve to be on every list of multinational companies globally.

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May and Baker Pharmaceuticals

Talking about multinational pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, May and Baker is definitely a heavy presence.

May and Baker is a British chemical company established by John May and William Gerrard Baker in Wandsworth, London in 1839.

The company started operating in Nigeria on September 4, 1944, as Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company.

May and Baker produce a wide range of pharmaceuticals like;

  • Multivitamins
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccines
  • Analgesics
  • Antimalarials
  • Antiretrovirals and
  • Antidiabetics

The company has many branches in other countries, especially in the Commonwealth.

They have provided nothing but excellent pharmaceutical products for all and sundry.

May and Baker will surely make any list of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria and Africa.

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China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)

With the amount of construction and engineering projects this company has executed in Nigeria, the company being mentioned on this list should come as no surprise at all.

The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) was established in June 1979, with the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

CCECC has its headquarters in Beijing, China, but has subsidiaries in over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.

Some of the major projects completed by CCECC in and out of Nigeria include;

  • The Carlebach underground station of the Tel Aviv Light Rail
  • The new Port-Harcourt International Airport terminal project in Nigeria
  • Construction of Houses in the Games Village of the National Stadium Complex, Abuja, and
  • A regional train line to connect Bogota to its neighboring suburbs, known as RegioTram.

They are highly ranked on the list of top 10 engineering companies in Nigeria, and they are giving other elite engineering companies like Julius-Berger, Nigeria, a run for their money.

CCECC is surely one of the best construction companies in Nigeria.

British Airways

Traveling via air has never been the same since the establishment of British Airways in 1974.

This company is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom.

It has its headquarters in London, England, near its main hub at Heathrow Airport and it took the merging of four companies to form British Airways.

These companies are the;

  • British Overseas Airways Corporation
  • The British European Airways
  • The Northeast Airline, and
  • Cambrian Airways.

The company provides air travel services to over 170 destinations in 70 countries.

It also a fleet number of over 280 aircraft.

In 2019, British Airways received the CAPA Aviation Award for Excellence as the Airline of the year.

With Nigeria having lots of local and international airports, you are sure to come across their airlines in different places.

Lafarge Africa

Lafarge Africa is a major stakeholder in the LafargeHolcim Group.

LafargeHolcim is widely regarded as the world’s biggest building and construction solutions company.

Lafarge is a French company founded in 1833 by Joseph-Auguste Pavin de Lafarge.

The company is operational in over 75 countries globally.

Lafarge building products such as cement, pulverized fly ash, and ready-mix concrete (RMC) are some of the most widely used in Nigeria.

Lafarge owns facilities at Sagamu and Ewekoro in the South-West, Mfamosing in the South-South, and Ashaka in the North East.

It also has an elite liaison office in the country’s capital.

They are one of the best multinational companies in Abuja, a city filled with several beautiful place.

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DHL Logistics

Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn (DHL) Logistics is a German company that specializes in parcel, mail, and courier delivery services globally.

The company has its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, but has operational facilities in about 220 countries.

It is widely regarded as the world’s leading logistics company.

DHL delivers and collects more than 3 billion mail items and 50 million parcels annually.

Their swift, reliable services place them leagues above their counterparts in courier service delivery.

DHL is one of the best-paying companies in Nigeria.

Securing a high-profile job at any of their establishments is like hitting the jackpot.

Their growth in Nigeria can be attributed to the exploits of the best PR companies in Lagos, who helped them publicize their world-class services.

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Other Multinational Companies in Nigeria;

Honorable Mentions include:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Cadbury
  • IBM Technology Multinational
  • Baker Hughes Oil and Gas
  • Airtel Telecommunications
  • Addax Oil and Gas Multinational
  • 7Up Bottling Company
  • PepsiCO
  • Accenture Consulting Multinational
  • Schlumbeger Oil and Gas
  • Guinness FCMG Multinational
  • Mobil Oil and Gas
  • KPMG Consulting Multinational
  • Total Oil and Gas
  • FrieslandCampina WAMCO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Multinational Companies in Nigeria

What are the top 10 multinational companies?

The top 10 multinational companies in the world are some of the popular names in the business world.

Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Walmart
  2. Amazon
  3. Alibaba
  4. Apple Inc.
  5. Saudi Aramco
  6. PetroChina Co. Ltd.
  7. Volkswagen AG
  8. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  9. Toyota Motor Corp.
  10. Nestle

What are the types of Multinational Companies?

We all know that Multinational Companies are organizations that own facilities and operations in multiple nations.

These companies are also known as stateless, international, or transnational corporations.

There are four types of multinational companies namely:

Multinational Decentralized Corporations

These are those that maintain a strong presence in the home country. However, they don’t have administrative centers or offices.

Global Centralized Corporations

These are those that establish management and administrative centers in the home country which facilitates proximity to foreign international markets.

It optimizes customer accessibility and effective cost management.

Global/International Corporations

These are those that build on the parent company’s R&D to put them in a vantage position in the international market.

Transnational Enterprises

These are those that apply flexibility in their operations by setting up facilities in various countries without offering a location as their corporate home.

It is basically a decentralized organizational structure.

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What is the biggest company in Nigeria?

It would be quite difficult to single out a company as the biggest of all companies in Nigeria.


There are so many industries doing absolutely well in the country.

Nevertheless, here is an elite list of industries in Nigeria:

  1. Dangote Group
  2. Chevron
  3. MTN Telecommunications
  4. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
  5. Mobil Nigeria
  6. Nestle Nigeria
  7. Unilever Nigeria
  8. Shell Petroleum
  9. Nigerian Breweries Plc.
  10. Globacom Limited

How many companies are in Nigeria?

In 2019, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) claimed that there were about 3.1 million registered companies in Nigeria.

It is only smart to assume that that number has increased since then and keep increasing with years.

What are the top 5 richest companies?

Based on market capitalization, these are the richest companies in the world as rated in 2020.

  1. Apple Inc.
  2. Saudi Aramco
  3. Amazon
  4. Microsoft
  5. Alphabet
  6. Alibaba
  7. Facebook
  8. Tencent
  9. Berkshire Hathaway
  10. Walmart

What is the number 1 company in the world?

Walmart Inc. is often recognized as the number one company in the world.

Walmart combines technology and retail purchase to ensure that customers gain easy access to their preferred products.

These products include jewelry, food, toys, clothing, hardware, and basically anything that can be bought over the internet.

The company was founded by Sam Wanton in 1962, and incorporated in 1969.

It has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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What are the benefits of multinational companies?

There are many perks of being a multinational company.

Some of them are:

Tax Reduction

Multinational companies can legitimately move their profits through other countries with lower corporation tax rates.

Economic development

Multinational companies drive the inflow of revenue through taxes into the other countries where they are set up.

In developing countries, the presence of multinational companies is vital to economic growth.

They also reduce the unemployment rate in other countries by hiring the locals in the region.

Easy reach of target market

The presence of multinational companies in other countries brings them closer to their target markets.

Setting up in other countries helps widen the customer base and opens up better possibilities to increase sales.

Better remunerations and facilities

It is no news that foreign multinational companies pay local workers higher wages and salaries than domestic/indigenous companies.

They also provide better facilities and resources such as management experience, technological skills, and modern machinery.

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What is the role of Multinational companies?

Multinational companies are firms with a wide network of facilities and operations in other countries asides their home countries.

These multinational companies play important roles in other countries where they are set up, especially in underdeveloped or developing countries.

The general role of multinational companies is to drive economic globalization forward.

They do this through three ways;

  • International transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI), and
  • Foreign trade.

Their impacts on economic globalization can also be felt on political and socio-cultural globalization.

What company is the best in Nigeria?

It would be impossible to choose the best company in Nigeria.

There is an impressive list of companies in Nigeria, which makes it quite difficult to choose a single one.

Nevertheless, here are a few of the top companies in Nigeria:

  1. Dangote Group
  2. MTN Telecommunications
  3. Nestle
  4. Cadbury
  5. Shell
  6. Mobil
  7. Airtel
  8. Globacom
  9. First Bank of Nigeria
  10. Guaranty Trust Bank
  11. Standard Chartered Bank
  12. Coca-Cola
  13. Bigi
  14. Chevron
  15. NNPC Oil and Gas
  16. Julius Berger Construction Multinational
  17. Diamond Bank
  18. 7Up Bottling Company
  19. Honeywell Flours
  20. Accenture Consulting Multinational
  21. Texaco Oil and Gas
  22. Google
  23. 9Mobile
  24. DHL Logistics
  25. Multichoice (Media) Multinational
  26. Transcorp (Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc.)
  27. KPMG Consulting Multinational
  28. Zenith Bank
  29. Oando Oil and Gas
  30. Guinness

There are over 3 million registered public and private companies in Nigeria.

These are only a few of the best of the bunch, so exclusion from this list doesn’t invalidate any company.

Which Oil Company pays the highest in Nigeria?

TOTAL Nigeria Plc. is popularly rated as the highest-paying oil company in Nigeria.

Entry-level positions at this prestigious oil company may earn up to 25 million naira or more per annum.

Other high-paying oil companies in Nigeria include Shell, Mobil, Chevron, and NNPC.

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Which is the richest company in Africa?

FirstRand Limited, also known as the FirstRand Group is rated as Africa’s richest company in 2020.

It is a South African bank holding company that offers financial services in investment, transactional service, and insurance products. 

According to Forbes, the company is estimated to have a market capitalization value of $12.4 billion. 

Which state has the highest company in Nigeria?

Lagos State.

Lagos is the business center and economic melting point in Nigeria. There is an unending list of companies in Lagos mainland and island.

The region is home to the highest number of multinational IT companies in Nigeria. In fact, you will find many establishments on the list of multinational companies in Ikeja, Lagos.

Which is the richest company in the world?

Saudi Aramco is listed as the richest company in the world above other valuable companies such as Apple Inc., Amazon, Walmart, and Tencent.

Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabian powerhouse in oil and gas.

For over 80 years, Saudi Aramco has made great strides in the distribution, marketing, refining, exploration, and production of petrochemicals.

How much is NNPC salary?

Averagely, entry-level positions into the ranks at NNPC may come with wages of up to 300,000 naira per month.

This, of course, could be higher based on the level of experience and job specification.

Moving up the ranks, you will find employees earning up to 2.5 million naira or more per month.

Final Thoughts on the Multinational Companies in Nigeria

Multinational companies in Nigeria are playing a great part in the economic, political, and socio-cultural development of the country.

Domestic and new companies in Nigeria should try picking up a thing or two from these multinational companies.

If you enjoyed and gained value from this article on the multinational companies in Nigeria, do well to hit the share button and leave a comment in the comment section.

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