Richest State in Igbo Land; You’ll Be Surprised

richest state in Igbo land
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This blogpost highlights the richest state in Igbo land and points out why it is the richest amongst other southeast states. After reading it, you’ll have all information you need to know about south east’s richest state.

An Introduction

Igbos are seen as a rich tribe and are business persons who travel the world to acquire legitimate wealth.

This is the reason people are looking out for the richest state in Igboland often.

Searching for the richest countries, states, regions, etc. is not new.

People are usually curious about knowing the richest states in any country, and Nigeria is not any different. 

While this post is focused on the Southeastern states (which are major Igbo states), you should also not forget that there are different tribes in the country.

Nigeria has three major tribes – Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba – and it is common to see people want to know the richest state of each of these tribes. 

Back to the Igbos.

Being rich is one of the attributes associated with Igbo people, so it is not out of place to see people assume that they have money, and would be the richest out of all the tribes.

Are they?

If yes, which state is the richest amongst them?

This article will let you know the richest state in Igbo land.

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The Igbo States in Nigeria 

People say that Igbo people are everywhere globally, and if you go to any place without seeing an Igbo person, you should relocate.

Thus, you know that you will see an Igbo person in all states of Nigeria. This does not mean that they are the inhabiting tribe of that state.

Five states in Nigeria are classified as core Igbo states, as anyone from any of these states is called an Igbo person.

The five Igbo states are:

  • Abia
  • Anambra
  • Ebonyi
  • Enugu
  • Imo

Thus, out of these five states, you can pick the richest when talking about the richest state in Igbo land.

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The Top Richest States in Nigeria 

Before thinking about the wealthiest state in Igbo land, it is only right for you to know the richest state in Nigeria.

For a state to qualify as the richest in the country, it has to contribute to the country’s economy, and the state of living of its residents has to be high.

Any state that makes the list of the richest can stand independently and not depend on the federal government.

Here are the top 5 richest states in Nigeria:

  • Ogun State
  • Akwa Ibom State
  • Edo State
  • Imo State
  • Oyo State

Now you have an idea of the ranking of wealthy states in Nigeria.

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Richest State in Igbo Land

From the ranking above, you can see that Imo state is the only Igbo state on the list of top 5 richest states in Nigeria. Thus, one can say that Imo State is the richest state in Igbo land.

Imo state has Owerri as its capital city but has other towns that are well-developed and famous.

Some of these towns in Imo State are;

  • Orlu
  • Mbano
  • Okigwe
  • Mbaise, etc.

Asides from being the richest state in Igbo land, it has also produced some famous people such as Chioma Ajunwa, Onyeka Owenu, Mercy Eke, Miracle Igbokwe, Christy Opara, Samuel Okwaraji, and much more.

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Resources that make Imo state the Richest Igbo State

Unlike some states in Nigeria that limit its economy to depend on only Agriculture, Imo State is versatile.

The state ensures that its tentacles reach other sectors to ensure that the economy stays well-balanced.

Some of these sectors are:


This is one of the first sectors that come to mind, and Imo prospers in this area.

One of the primary agricultural produce of Imo state is Palm Oil and Rubber.

Now, you know where you can get one of the best palm oils in Nigeria.

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Oil and Gas

Nigeria has a reputation for being one of the most significant oil-exporting countries globally, and Imo state contributes to this.

The state is amongst the oil-producing states in Nigeria and belongs to the Niger Delta Area.

The petroleum companies in this state do justice to ensure that the state flourishes and the cost of living is affordable.

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Mineral Resources

It is safe to say that Imo state is one of those states flowing with milk and honey as it has many mineral resources that they utilize.

Some of these resources are;

  • Salt
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Limestone, and much more.

The success rate of Imo state lies in the fact that all its towns benefit equally, and there is growth in all areas.

Besides these, the cost of living in Imo State is competitively affordable.

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Tourism in Imo State

Although there is much work to be done in the state’s tourism sector, it has points of attraction that appeal to everyone.

Some of these places are:

Nekede Zoo and Gardens

This is one of the best places you can visit in Imo state.

It has an array of animals, and people who have never seen an animal in real life would be excited to visit such a place.

It is also a place where people visit to have picnics and family hangouts.

Its serene environment allows you to take walks and have a peaceful and relaxing time. 

You should include the Nekede Zoo and Gardens into your bucket list if you ever visit Imo state.

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Oguta Lake

It will be a big mistake for you to think that this is an ordinary lake. 

Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

There are many exciting activities you can enjoy at this lake, from golfing to picnics and canoeing. 

If you are looking to connect with the people of the resident state, this is one of the best places to visit.

The best part is that the people are welcoming and ensure that you have the best experience.

Ensure that you do not waste the opportunity.

Chief Uwunna Recreational Park

This recreational park is at a strategic point in the state, making people use it for different activities.

It is a lovely place to visit if you want to appreciate nature and vegetable.

Also, the peace that comes with this environment cannot be compared to any other.

It is also a place that has provision for fun games which leaves people in high spirits.

If there is a place that you must visit when you are in Imo state, it is this recreational park.

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Final words on the Richest State in Igboland

It is not debatable that Imo state is the wealthiest state in Igbo land.

Commendations are given to the government for the crucial role they are playing in its sustainability. 

It will not be a surprise if they become the richest state in Nigeria one day.

However, the state government should not slack so that they do not drop off to the poorest states in Nigeria.

We hope you find this piece on the richest state in Igbo land helpful.

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