ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary Structure; Know How Much

ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary Structure
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Are you looking to know about ExxonMobil Nigeria salary structure? This article explains everything you need to know.

ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary – An Introduction

ExxonMobil is one of the biggest multinational companies in Nigeria.

It was founded on November 30, 1990, by John D. Rockefeller, after the merger of Exxon and Mobil, and it currently has its headquarters in Irving, Texas, United States.

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History of ExxonMobil in Nigeria

Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Nigeria has been operating offshore in Nigeria since 1955, around the discovery of oil in Nigeria.

The company’s other subsidiaries – Production Nigeria (Offshore East) Limited Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL), Esso Exploration and, Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc. (MON) have also been operating in Nigeria for over a century.

ExxonMobil in Nigeria

The company’s largest facility in Nigeria is QIT – an offshore center that processes crude oil transported from various oil-producing regions in the country, especially from the Niger Delta area.

ExxonMobil Nigeria has grown to become one of the top companies in Nigeria, especially in terms of payment and remuneration for workers.

It is currently one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since other big-time oil and gas companies such as Shell, Chevron, Total, and others also pay their employees quite well.

However, many sources claim that ExxonMobil has the best salary structure for its employees.

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ExxonMobil offers some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria and many, just like you, want to know the exact values that support this fact.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the salary structure of ExxonMobil Nigeria.

ExxonMobil Salary in Nigeria

ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary is one of the best in the country – even amongst other oil and gas companies.

To answer questions such as, “How much does ExxonMobil pay Nigeria? How much do ExxonMobil employees make? How much does ExxonMobil pay graduate engineers in Nigeria?”

Here’s a list of the ExxonMobil salary structure in Nigeria (per annum):

  • Administrative Assistant – $32,024 – $65,074
  • Assistant Store Manager – $17,264 – $33,896
  • Business Analyst – $43,919 – $102,370
  • Cashier – $16,636 – $26,253
  • Corporate Controller – $49,404 – $126,072
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician – $37,985 – $104,573
  • ExxonMobil graduate engineer salary in Nigeria (Chemical Engineer) – $73,984 – $221,476
  • Convenience Store Manager – $22,584 – $57,166
  • Control System Engineer – $55,794 – $112,951
  • Chemical Process Engineer – $33,925 – $95,308
  • Chemist – $40,989 – $85,147
  • Civil Engineer – $41,608 – $113,352
  • Commercial Manager – $57,602 – $227,119
  • Financial Analyst – $60,583 – $124,109
  • Mechanical Engineer – $65,436 – $198,659
  • Process Engineer – $94,971 – $138,713

The lower values of all these salaries may depict the ExxonMobil entry level salary in Nigeria.

As employees grow in experience and positions, their salaries also follow suit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary

Which Oil Company pays Highest in Nigeria?

TOTAL Nigeria Plc.

According to multiple sources, TOTAL Nigeria Plc. pays the highest salaries amongst oil companies in Nigeria.

TOTAL SE, founded in 1924, is a multinational oil and gas company originating from France.

It currently has its headquarters in Paris, France.

The oil and gas heavyweight has been operating within the borders of Nigeria for over 60 years, performing operations such as oil and gas exploration and production, refining, product marketing, natural gas liquefaction, and many more.

The company has over 570 service stations and facilities in Nigeria where it employs and pays what is arguably the best salaries of all oil and gas companies in the country.

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How Much Do Oil Workers earn in Nigeria?

An average of 305,000 naira to about 3.66 million naira per annum.

Individuals working in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria earn an average of 305,000 Naira per month.

This set of workers earn from between 111,000 NGN (lowest average) to 706,000 NGN (highest average).

How Much do Exxon Interns get Paid?

Many companies in Nigeria don’t have a salary structure for their interns.

However, ExxonMobil does.

Typically, ExxonMobil’s internship salary in Nigeria is $7,286 (about 2.8 million Naira per annum). 

Due to certain circumstances, however, Intern salaries at ExxonMobil Nigeria may range between $4,169 and $10,048 (1.6 million naira and 3.8 million naira).

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Final Words on ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary

The robust ExxonMobil salary structure in Nigeria is one of the reasons why many individuals want to work in the company, and it would be a dream come through for many Nigerian graduates if they could land a job at this renowned Oil and Gas Company.

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