How to Print Recharge Card Online Free (with Commission) in Nigeria

How to print recharge card online free in Nigeria
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Do you want to print recharge card online in Nigeria and make a lot of money from selling them? This post explains everything you need to know about generating and printing recharge cards online in Nigeria. After reading this post, you’ll have all the information you need to generate recharge vouchers for personal use or operate your own recharge card business in Nigeria.

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Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria – An Introduction

Before now, printing recharge cards for sale or for personal use was looked at as a mysterious endeavor, but now, it’s different. Anyone can now generate and print a recharge card online. You only need your mobile phone or computer with a few other items to print recharge card online.

However, it is disheartening that so many people do not know about this opportunity, and even the few that know may not know where to start.

Recharge card printing and selling business is very lucrative and can earn you a lot of money if you maximize your resources properly. This guide will show you the complete information on printing recharge card online and selling them to make a profit. So, it would be best if read this guide to the end because it is a life-changing opportunity.

Get your pen and paper.

You will never have to leave your house to purchase a recharge card again because you can generate a recharge card pin online and print it independently. However, it would be best to follow through till the end of this guide to get all the details you need. You don’t want to make do with some incomplete information.

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How to Print Recharge Card Online Using Airvend

The Airvend platform is a bill payment platform built with modern technology that allows you to perform secured online transactions within seconds. Airvend helps you do mobile recharge card pin generation easily and quickly for all Nigerian mobile networks.

Steps on How to Print Recharge Card Online with Airvend

Here are the simple steps to print a recharge card online using the Airvend platform.

  • Download the app (Google or iPhone) or visit the website.
  • Provide your mobile number.
  • Verify the OTP.
  • Create a profile and log in.
  • Fund your Airvend account.
  • Click on “USSD Recharge.”
  • Click on “Buy Voucher.”
  • Enter the number of pins you want and their values.
  • The card pins will be generated for you instantly.
  • If you opt-in, the pins will be sent to your mail.
  • Connect the recharge card printing machine to your phone or computer.
  • Use the recharge card software to decrypt the pins.
  • Print them and start selling or using them.

Note that Airvend also generates Universal Recharge Card Vouchers that can recharge any mobile network in Nigeria.

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Tools Required to Print Recharge Card Online in Nigeria

Infographics on Tools Required to Print Recharge Card Online in Nigeria

You do not need to break the bank to start this recharge card printing business online; you only need a few easily accessible tools for the smooth running of the business.

Some of the things you need to start a recharge card generation and selling business include;

Starting Capital

Of course, like every other business, you also need some money to run the recharge card business efficiently. Your starting capital may not be something big as there is always room for increment.

You need this money to buy the recharge card pins from the platform you choose, such as Airvend. In addition, you will also need to buy the printing machine, A3/A4 paper, and the other tools if you do not already have them.

Laptop or Smartphone

A smartphone or laptop is the first tool you should consider to print recharge card online. You should have a good PC or smartphone; either an Android phone or iPhone, because you need it to access the platform you need to buy e-pins from. You can also use a phone or laptop to receive the e-pins and decrypt them.

Stable Internet Connection

Whether you choose to use an app or website to buy e-pins, you need a stable internet connection to do it. And when the e-pins are sent to your mail, you also need an internet connection to access, decrypt and print them.

A Valid E-mail Address

Up to this point, mail has been mentioned a couple of times, so you know it is something you cannot do without. As you may already know, the e-pins you buy or generate will be sent to the valid e-mail address you provided.

Recharge Card Printing Machine

When you buy e-pins and decrypt them, you can recharge them to your phone directly or decide to print them for sales. So, you need a recharge card printing machine to do this.

A3/A4 Paper

Of course, you must know that you need paper to print anything, and recharge card are not an exception. Therefore, you need A3/ A4 paper to use the recharge card printing machine.

Universal Recharge Card Software for De-encrypting the Pins

The pins you generate online are usually sent in PGP format to enhance security. So you need a universal recharge card software on your laptop or phone to decrypt them; note that the decrypting software is not free.

Website for Printing Recharge Card in Nigeria

At this point, you may be relieved to see that you don’t need to have so much money to start this business. However, if you are certain about starting this recharge card printing business, here are some reliable websites to buy e-pins in bulk from.

The is a reliable and easy-to-use website. It allows you to print recharge card online from any location. In addition, the website also features instant airtime purchases, TV bills, data purchases, etc. Furthermore, Airvend offers a 3-4% commission on every pin you generate, and you can withdraw it anytime.

VTU is a popular website in Nigeria for printing recharge cards; it offers a fantastic rate that ensures people gain from the airtime you print using the platform. Registration is free on the website, and it is also easy to use. VTU also offers a commission for every airtime you purchase.

Bestpins is a platform that allows you to generate and print all Nigerian mobile networks’ recharge cards and earn commissions. The Bestpins website is stress-free and efficient for buying bulk online recharge card pin printing.

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How to Print Recharge Card with Your Phone in Nigeria

While some might argue that it is more efficient to print recharge card online using laptops or computers, it is also possible to do it with your phone.

All you need is to use an app such as the Airvend app to buy e-pins that will be sent to your mail. Then, connect a recharge card printing machine to your phone, decrypt and print the e-pins with the universal recharge card printing software.

How to Use the Universal Recharge Card Printing Software

The universal recharge card printing software or universal recharge voucher software is a vital tool you need for the success of this business. Also, it is vital to understand how to use it before buying bulk e-pins.

There are many paid universal recharge voucher software, but you can type “universal recharge card printing software free download” on your browser to install it for free.

The simple steps below will help you properly use the universal recharge card software to decrypt and print your e-pins.

  • Create an account.
  • Get the activation code.
  • Login to your account.
  • Upload e-pins.
  • Print the e-pins out with your already connected printer.
  • You can also export the e-pins as a pdf after decrypting them.

Once you have an adequate understanding of this software, you can now proceed to buy e-pins from any reliable dealer.

How to Get Bulk Recharge Card E-pins

If you have decided to start the business, you need to look for a reliable dealer to buy e-pins from. Airvend is one of Nigeria’s most efficient and trustworthy dealers that offers bulk e-pins at a reasonable rate. Use their website or app with the instructions stated above to buy as many e-pins as possible.

How you can Make Profits from Printing and Selling Recharge Card Vouchers Online

This recharge card printing and selling business is very lucrative because people must recharge their phones daily to make calls and purchase data, so they will definitely need a recharge card vendor.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of printing and selling recharge card vouchers online is to start a small-scale printing business, buy already generated pins from dealers online, print them and start selling.

You can sell your printed recharge card to direct consumers or supply them in large quantities to different small businesses around you. In addition, the platform you use in generating e-pins will also reward you with commissions on every purchase.

Airvend rewards users with commissions as high as 6%.

Is There Any Limit to Printing Recharge Card Online?

There is no limit to printing recharge card online. Once you have sufficient funds in the app or website you are using to generate your e-pins, you can generate as many recharge card e-pins as possible and print them whenever you want.

Conclusion on How to Print Recharge Card Online in Nigeria

You can never go wrong with this recharge card printing business because recharge cards are fast-selling, and people can hardly do without them. So now that you know what you need to excel in this business, you can earn a living just by printing recharge cards.

Just as it is with many businesses, success doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, you should expect setbacks and challenges that will question your motivation in the business. But if you are consistent and committed, you will eventually see the bright side.

If this guide was of any help to you, or you still have questions about how to print recharge card online, leave your questions and thought in the comment section below.

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