Most Populated State in Nigeria; Top 10

Most Populated State in Nigeria
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Are you looking to know the most populated state in Nigeria? This post highlights that and the most populated states according to the last national census. After reading this article, you will have the information you need regarding the Nigerian states’ population.

Most Populated State in Nigeria

Populated States In Nigeria – An Introduction

It is always good to know about your environment, and one such way is by knowing the most populated state in your country.

In Nigeria, there are 36 states, 6 geopolitical zones, and the Federal Capital Territory.

However, many people do not know which is the most populated.

Knowing the most populated state in your country helps you understand economic development as you can see the state that needs a higher budget than the other and how to develop the different infrastructures in the state to accommodate the number of persons.

Most Populated State in Nigeria

The most populated state in Nigeria currently is Lagos state, and this is according to the last National census in 2006 and the 2016 projection.

This may not be news to some people, but we have seen others having arguments as some people say that Kano is Nigeria’s most populated state.

After researching the most populated state in Nigeria, we see that Kano comes in second place as Lagos had 17,500,000 in 2016, and Kano had 13,076,892.

We believe that the figures are higher now, but it is not debatable that Lagos state is the most populated state in Nigeria, and probably the most developed as well.

After all, it is the land of opportunities, and we see people migrating there from other states.

1. Lagos State

It is usually a thing of joy for corpers when they see Lagos state as their state of primary assignment, as people see the state as one of the best states to do NYSC in Nigeria.

This is because there are several multinational companies in Lagos, offering diverse employment opportunities.

From fintech companies down to food and beverage companies and FMCG companies, Lagos state has them all.

We cannot say that it is always rosy in the state, but many people’s faith has helped them accomplish feats.

Due to the state’s high population, it is not surprising that people have to deal with traffic steadily.

Thus, we see that some people have to leave their houses as early as 3 am if they want to meet up with their schedules.

Of course, living such a life is hectic, but that is expected from Nigeria’s most populated state; Lagos State.

The same way some people have this place as their choice city is the same way others would not want to stay in Lagos state as they believe that it is unhealthy for them and they would not be able to cope.

Preference is the factor that always plays out, but in the end, we see people who are pro-Lagos are higher than the rest.

We see people referring to Lagos state as ‘Eko,’ and one begins to wonder the slang’s origin.

Some Facts about Lagos State

If you do not know, Lagos state was initially called Ipinne Eko, while the term ‘Lagos’ is an adopted Portuguese name. 

Lagos state was officially created on the 27th of May 1967.

Thus, we can say it is currently 53 years old.

There are currently 20 Local Government Areas in Lagos state, and the state is referred to as the most populated in both Nigeria and Africa in general.

It was also once the seat of authority in Nigeria before the capital territory was moved to Abuja, a city with several tourist attractions and beautiful places to visit.

The state has the second-longest bridge in Africa and has many places to live.

It is one of those states that have a majority of its Local Government Areas developed.

We can say that Lagos is the financial hub of the country as there are many businesses in the state, and its economy is the fifth-largest in Africa.

It has an international airport, which is the busiest in Nigeria, and the governor of Lagos state in 2021 is Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu.

Other Populated States in Nigeria

After establishing that Lagos state is the most populated and developed in Nigeria, it is also right to know some other populated states in Nigeria.

Here are the top 10 ranking of state populations in Nigeria.

2. Kano State

It is the current second most populated state in Nigeria, but was the first as of 2006.

In 2016, Lagos state took over and pushed it to second place.

Kano state is in the northern region of Nigeria and was created on the 27th of May 1967.

Agriculture is one of the major strongholds in the state, with garlic, chili pepper, and soybean being some of its main products.

There are many primary markets in Kano state that supply produces all over Nigeria.

The state has a steadily increasing population, but it has not met up with Lagos state yet.

Tourism also contributes to the state’s economy as many people wish to visit this state because of its intriguing history record.

We can say that it is a big state as it has 44 Local Government Areas and a vast landmass, so it is not surprising if people mistake it for Nigeria’s most populated state. 

3. Kaduna State

It is another state in Nigeria’s northern region and is the third most populated in the country.

Kaduna’s name has an interesting background as it is coined from the Hausa word Kada, meaning crocodile.

Kadduna is the plural of this word, meaning crocodiles.

Many stories surround this, but we can see the crocodile symbol on the logo and coat of arms of the state.

It is a state that believes in adequate communication system as there are over 21 radio stations.

They believe in promoting their culture, and agriculture also plays a prominent role in their economy.

We can say that the major tribes in this state is Hausa and Fulani, but there are many ethnic groups that prove their versatility.

There are 23 Local Government Areas in the state and many universities to promote learning.

The architecture of its buildings is also captivating and leaves tourists hooked when they visit the state. 

4. Oyo State

It is in the western region of Nigeria and known for so many things. Some people say that it is the second most developed state in the West after Lagos state.

Oyo state was formed in 1976 and has a good number of universities.

The state reflects the fact that education is a priority to those from the western region.

The predominant language in this state in Yoruba, knowing it would assist you in better communication, especially with people in the rural area.

Since it has a developing economy, it is not surprising that agriculture is a contributing factor.

We see cocoa, yam, and plantain as some of its primary products.

There are 33 Local Government Areas in Oyo state, which also makes us believe that it occupies a large landmass, and this claim is validated by checking the map of Nigeria.

Although there is an airport in this state, it does not have international operations.

5. Katsina State

Although we can generalize and say that this state is in the northern region of Nigeria, we would like to be specific by saying that it is in the north-west area of the country.

It is the fifth most populated state in Nigeria.

It was created in 1987, bringing it out of the Old Kaduna state.

As with most northern states, we see that Katsina state also has a large landmass as it has 34 Local Government Areas.

Although there are Christians in this state, Islam is the predominant religion, and people are careful about how they act.

Since sharia law is present in the state, people try to be modest and not go out of line.

The Hausa-Fulani group is the largest ethnic group in the state.

Some people do not always remember this state since it is usually not in the limelight as compared to some others.

However, it has a growing economy, and more can be done to improve the state. 

6. Rivers State

Rivers state is in the southern region of Nigeria, and also a part of the Niger-Delta Area.

Port Harcourt is the state capital, and they are known for their always striving nature.

The state has an international airport that is the third-busiest in the country.

There are over 26 distinct groups recognized in the state, so the cultural diversity is unique.

We cannot pinpoint any specific language as the predominant language spoken in Rivers state.

There are 23 Local Government Areas in the state, and we see that it also takes up considerable space on the map of Nigeria.

Rivers state is blessed with natural resources, and they pride themselves in it. 

Silica sand, glass sand, and clay are some of the natural resources found within its boundaries.

Studies show that more than 60% of Crude oil in Nigeria is produced in Rivers state.  Yes, it’s amongst the oil-producing states in Nigeria.

Heavy road traffic is also a common feature in this state.

7. Bauchi State

Interestingly, Bauchi state has maintained its position of being the seventh most populated state in Nigeria in 2006 and 2016. 

It is a state in the northern region of Nigeria and was created in 1976.

There are about 55 tribal groups in Bauchi state.

Thus, it is not surprising that this state is among the most populated states in Nigeria.

Their cultural goal binds them together, so they find a way of harmonizing and living happily.

If you visit this state, you will be intrigued by the different cultural festivals, and you will not have a dull moment.

It is one of those states to visit and learn something new.

There are 20 Local Government Areas in Bauchi state, and each has its uniqueness.

Although we cannot say that tourism contributes to its economy, it can get there with time. 

8. Borno State

It is not wrong to say that this is a blacklist state in Nigeria currently due to the insurgency in the state.

People are scared of traveling to Borno state, and it has made the economy stagnant.

We even see that the National Youth Service Scheme does not post people to serve in the state anymore.

Although all of this is happening in the state, it does not stop people from giving birth, so it is one of Nigeria’s most populous.

It is located in the north-eastern region of Nigeria, with Maiduguri being its capital city.

The insurgency in this state began in 2009, and it is still ongoing to date.

There are 27 Local Government Areas in the state, and Islam is the predominant religion. 

9. Jigawa State

Dutse is the capital city of Jigawa state, and it is the ninth most populated state in Nigeria.

The majority of the state’s people are Muslims.

The Christians sometimes find it hard as they do not consist of more than 2% of the state.

It is one of the newest states in Nigeria.

The state was created in 1991, and it was formed out of the old Kano State.

It has a total of 27 Local Government areas and the vegetation is primarily lush vegetation.

The greenery of this state is a sight to behold and keeps tourists intrigued when they visit.

One fact that many people do not know is that a majority of Jigawa state lies within the Sudan Savannah, making it suitable for livestock production.

So, you know, livestock production assists in the economy of this country.

Trading activities also occur in this state to strengthen its economy.

10. Benue State

It is in the country’s middle belt region, and people refer to it as the food basket of Nigeria.

Thus, you know that it focuses mainly on agriculture and a major distributor of food products to different states in the country.

Makurdi is the capital city of this state, and it is inhabited predominantly by the Tiv, Idoma, and Igede people.

The state was created in 1976, and was named after the Benue River.

Feldspar, Wolframite, and Gemstone are some of the state’s mineral resources, while Cassava, Rice, and Beans are some of its agricultural produce.

Benue state has many potentials waiting to be harnessed.

They have a unique and appealing culture, with 23 Local Government Areas.

Final Thoughts on Most Populated State in Nigeria

We see that Lagos state is the most populated and developed in Nigeria.

Also, many of the northern states are among the top 10 list of most populated states in the country.

It could be due to their way of life.

Many of them engage in a polygamous marriage, and they have many children.

Other factors also contribute to making a state populated.

We hope this list of most populated state in Nigeria gives you the information you need.

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