Top 18 Safe and Affordable Places to Stay in Lagos

Top Places to Stay in Lagos
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Are you new in Lagos State, a tourist, or just researching the top places to stay in Lagos? This article discusses the top safe and affordable places to stay in Lagos. It aims to help residents and tourists get the ideal places to reside while in Lagos State.

top 5 places to stay in Lagos

A Background

The West African metropolis city of Lagos is, in a word, crazy. It is ever hustling and bustling anytime and there are several top tourist attractions and things to do in Lagos. The noise and aura of the place are unique and different from anything you have seen before.

Lagos, usually tagged the heartbeat of Nigeria is where every citizen one day wishes to relocate or own a home. Anyone who wants to move to Lagos chooses either the island or the mainland, which are, connected by the third mainland bridge.

Wondering what part of Lagos suits your requirements? Here are the top places to stay in Lagos. 

Top Places to Stay in Lagos.


Ikoyi holds the distinction of being the most affluent neighborhood in the entirety of Lagos State. It shares borders with Lagos Island and Lagos Lagoon, which gives it a natural captivating scenery. No wonder it has been dubbed the Beverley Hills of Africa. 

This area has some of the choicest residences, restaurants, cafés, offices, hotels, salons, and nightclubs in Lagos. The area also has cool hangouts for creatives and millennials such as Bogobiri, The Jazzhole, and Neo Cafe.

The Third Mainland Bridge links into the very long and very commercial Awolowo Road or Osborne Road, where you’re greeted by the urban designs of classical and modern architecture in Osborne Foreshore Estates, Parkview Estate, and Banana Island.

As you move further in, you find exclusive boat clubs and hotels, including the Ikoyi Boat Club and The George Hotel to meet the sophisticated taste of socialites and enjoyment seekers.

All these give you endless ideas of what to do in Ikoyi. Ikoyi’s central location also contributes to its uniqueness and attraction, which is among the reasons people live in Ikoyi.

One can’t fail to acknowledge that some fintech companies in Nigeria have their headquarters in this area.


Yaba’s profile keeps rising within and beyond Lagos for various reasons. More recently, the modest neighborhood located on “the Mainland” earned the moniker “Nigeria’s Silicon Valley” because of its strides in technology and innovation birthed in hubs such as Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) and Andela. 

Basically, Yaba has residents that are highly smart, energetic, and fashionable. It also possesses scores of boutiques and fashion houses like the emerging T16 World of Fashion.

Hair and beauty salons, cafés, restaurants, bars, and real estate are also on almost every street in Yaba with many FMCG companies in Nigeria having outlets in the ‘hood.’

Professionals are also a prominent feature; some of them occupy the more upscale apartments in the area. 

Yaba has a central location between the Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island which favors the area. That is, you can connect to the Island from Yaba through the third mainland – the second longest bridge in Africa. This makes it one of the most easily accessible places in the city.

It is also amongst the oldest neighborhoods in Lagos, which is noticeable in the houses’ structures, the presence of old families, and street names. Yaba is one of the best places to live in because of the opportunities that it offers.

It is conducive for all age groups. The area is also amongst the regions with the highest number of higher institutions in Lagos, Nigeria.

Due to the number of higher institutions in Yaba, like Queen’s College, the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, the Yaba College of Technology, Igbobi College, the University of Lagos, the Federal School Science and Technical College, and the Federal College of Education, the area is populated with students.

It is also one of the perfect places for singles to live in Lagos.

Yaba has one of the busiest market sites in Lagos, known as Tejuosho Market, Nigeria. 


Surulere is a residential and commercial Local Government Area located on the Lagos Mainland. It is home to the Lagos National Stadium (capacity 60,000) built in 1972 for the All-Africa Games.

Surulere, which most people probably recognize from popular songs by some of Nigeria’s richest artists like Wizkid and Dr. Sid, is a “hidden treasure” in Lagos. Many musicians on our list of the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria trace their growing up back to Surulere.

Besides being responsible for a fair amount of talent in the Nigerian entertainment scene, “the streets” of Surulere hold significant stakes in fashion, leisure, and recreation in Lagos. 

It is another area with a youth population that constantly pushes urban lifestyle limits with their vast tastes in clothing, gadgets, music, movies, dance, and so forth.

The city has been a center for showcasing the rich African culture. It has hosted many international events that have helped it display its unique culture to the world. Festac ’77, also known as Second World Black and African Festival, was a successful cultural jamboree in Surulere. The African essence and culture were on display for four weeks. The area has also been host to sporting events like the 1972 All-Africa Games and the 2009 Under 17 FIFA World Cup. 

Some of the popular areas in Surulere include Shitta, Ojuelegba, Stadium, Itire-Ikate, Ijesha, Lawanson, Ogunlana Drive, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Masha, Kilo, etc. Like most places in Lagos, Surulere has its fair share of traffic jams. The roads are usually busy during peak hours.

Also, there are several things to do in Surulere, which has a shopping mall, and cinemas in Lagos, amongst other things.

Real estate in Surulere is fairly decent, and it accommodates the needs and tastes of almost everyone.


Lekki, with its upscale clubs, bars, malls, hotels, galleries, beaches, and cinemas, is another area in Lagos that offers an excellent setting for families looking to settle in the state.

The city is a naturally formed peninsula but has seen a lot of construction and development by the state’s government through its urban planning agency. The city of Lekki has a well-linked transport system that ensures that every part of the city is accessible.

The Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge links two of the most affluent areas in the state, while the city’s orderliness is seen in the Lekki Toll Gate and the 2nd Lekki Toll Gate.

Lekki is home to several gated residential developments and estates, which puts it amongst the safest places to stay in Lagos State. 

Lekki Conservation Centre, covering a landmass of 78 hectares, is one of the popular places of interest in Lekki. It is a major Nigerian Conservation Foundation with the aim of conserving wildlife in the Southwest region of Nigeria. Over two million tourists have visited the center which has a secondary forest, Savanna grassland, and a swamp forest of green scenery you will love.

Another place of interest to visit in Lekki if you’re living there is the popular Nike Art Gallery. It is home to thousands of diverse artworks displayed throughout the year.

Get the best local and international cuisines along Admiralty Way and Chevron Drive. Both of these areas are notable for the numerous and highly rated restaurants located there.

There ain’t no party like a Lagos party is a popular saying in the state and Lekki. You can see this in the nightlife options available in Lekki, including Windlounge, Voodoo Lounge, or Xovar Lounge – offering you top-notch fun.

Additionally, several food and beverage companies in Nigeria have their offices in the area.


Ikeja, the state capital of Lagos State, is a well-planned, clean, and quiet area accommodating residential and commercial buildings. There are also shopping malls, pharmacies, and government reservation areas in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Ikeja hosts Murtala Mohammed International Airport, boasts of several shopping malls, like the Ikeja City Mall, and is one of the best places to live on the Lagos Mainland.

Being the capital of the state, it offers the perfect Lagos experience – its bustle and hustle lifestyle. The number of activities in the area makes Ikeja one of the busiest places in Lagos.

Some of the popular areas in Ikeja include Opebi, Toyin Street, Allen Avenue, Agidingbi, Oba Akran, Ikeja GRA, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Adeniyi Jones, Unity Road, Otigba Street, Mobolaji Bank, etc.


Magodo is close to the Lagos-Ibadan expressway and is one of the most popular locations on the Lagos Mainland.

Being a residential estate, Magodo offers premium housing options for the affluent. If you’re looking for the most secure estate in Lagos, you might be reading about one now. It has some of the most expensive estates in Nigeria, and even a plot of land here can go as high as 50 to 70million Naira.

Popular Nigerian singer, Olamide, used to stay here as well as a host of other Nigerian celebrities. For a fun life, Ikeja City Mall, located close to the area, creates an avenue for people to catch some fun.

Magodo provides a secure and conducive environment to build a home and raise children. You can say it’s one of the best areas to raise a child in Lagos State. 


Ejigbo is a beautiful, small town around Isolo and Ikotun. The place is suitable for low and medium-income earners who work in Ikeja. Anyone whose income is between N100,000 and N150,000 monthly is sure to live a comfortable life in Ejigbo as a 2-bedroom apartment cost less than N350,000 yearly.

This place is proximal to the Lagos International airport, so it is among Lagos’s most popular areas.


Anthony is a fine place to live in Lagos if you want to be at the center of happenings in Lagos. This part of Lagos is well-planned and has good access roads. It is a very cool place to live, close to Ikeja and the Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos.

Its closeness to the Third Mainland Bridge is another advantage for people working on the Island.

If your workplace is located around Yaba, Surulere, Marina, and CMS, Anthony Village is a few Kilometers away from all these Central Business Districts. Though rent is a little high here, medium-income earners who make between N250,000 and N300,000 monthly can still afford it.

Comparatively, it’s among the best affordable places to live in Lagos State, Nigeria.


Iyana Ipaja is located in the Alimosho local government of Lagos State. Rent here is affordable for home-seekers, making it a choice destination for low-income earners. It’s suited for family people looking for an affordable and best place to live in Lagos, Nigeria.

Located along the Lagos Abeokuta expressway, this area is known to have popular markets and transport companies’ garages in Lagos.

Its proximity to Ikeja makes it a most sought-after place to stay for people working in the Lagos State Government House and other offices in the Ikeja area. 


One of the most blended areas to stay in Lagos in terms of class, Festac is the first of many neighborhoods to bloom within Lagos City.

Originally referred to as “Festival Town” or “Festac Village,” it is a residential estate designed to house the participants of the Second World Festival of Black Arts and Culture of 1977. However, it has developed into a place much bigger and serves as a core to the city of Lagos.

While less fancy than areas like Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki, Festac holds a rich history and offers a diverse ethnic hospitality scene. Every block has something to keep visitors entertained.

If you wish to count popular areas in Lagos, FESTAC should be amongst the first three to be counted.


Apapa is majorly famous for its seaports, docking areas, and terminals, enabling international trade in the country. With its location in the west of Lagos Island, Apapa is easily regarded as the main gate of Nigeria’s commerce and industry.

It’s the location of commercial offices of many shipping, clearing, and transportation companies. It’s among the famous Lagos areas and is popular amongst individuals who work in seaport-related offices and businesses.

It also presents you with affordable and secure accommodations.


Maryland is close to the suburban Ikeja GRA and has a quiet disposition than other parts of Lagos. This area is amongst the oldest areas in Lagos and offers some security levels for residents as it plays host to the Nigerian Army Cantonment.

You can consider it one of the safest areas to stay in Lagos. If you’re looking for estates close to the airport Lagos Ikeja, estates in and around Maryland are sure to fulfill that need. Fun life in the area is made possible by the Maryland Mall, several housing estates, and other fun places in Maryland Lagos.

Looking for a quiet residential area in Lagos? Then you’ll love Maryland.

13. OGBA

If your income is between N120,000 and N150,000 monthly, and you are looking forward to getting a two-bedroom flat apartment that is not more than N500,000 per annum or a mini-flat that is less than N400,000 per annum, Ogba is a cool choice.

Ogba is a small town bounded by Ikeja, Agege, and Ojodu Berger. This place is one of the best places for low-income earners to live in Lagos, especially people whose places of work are around the city capital, Ikeja.


Ajao Estate is another good estate close to Ikeja to find good and affordable accommodation.

If you work around the Ikeja axis, Ajao Estate is a good choice for you. The estate is also close to the Lagos International airport, a bonus for those that wish to stay near the airport.

Rent for a 2-bedroom flat at Ajao is around 500,000 to 600,000 naira annually. 



Are you in Lagos for a short period? One of the best 5-star hotels in Ikeja, the Sheraton Hotel, is a great place to stay in Ikeja, Lagos. Sheraton Hotel Ikeja boasts of exceptional facilities and highly professional staff. The hotel plays host to numerous corporate guests, business people, and leisure guests who come to Lagos and Nigeria for business.

Sheraton Hotel Ikeja has top Ikeja restaurants like The Giara Italian, where guests can enjoy Italian dishes, homemade pizzas, and exotic wines. There are a pool terrace bar and a lobby bar within the hotel where guests can relax.

Sheraton Hotel has something for every guest from airport pick up to concierge and event and wedding packages. If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel in Ikeja, Lagos near the international airport, here is the place to be.


You get to experience hospitality at its finest when you stay at Inagbe Resort. The resort is amongst the best resorts in Lagos and is ideal for family vacations and weekend getaways with loved ones. Perfect for nature enthusiasts looking to lodge in a serene environment, this resort boasts of exceptional leisure facilities and comfort amenities.

The resort’s rooms are tastefully furnished, and there is access to various leisure facilities like tennis courts, quad biking, horse riding, and various ball games.

Inagbe Resort also has an event/conferencing facility perfect for company retreats and social events.


If you’re a business traveler looking to stay in relatively affordable accommodation in Lagos and still enjoy great business facilities, The Beni Hotel is the place for you. A stylish budget-friendly hotel in Lagos Island, Beni Hotels, is a top 3-star hotel in Lagos perfect for convenient lodging in town.

The hotel offers you a home away from home from local dishes to continental meals and a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The hotel provides exceptional service at a great rate. Guests can also enjoy access to laundry, dry cleaning, and conferencing facilities.


Centrally located close to several businesses in Ikeja, the Ibis Hotel is perfect for business guests as it is about a 15 minutes drive from Murtala Muhammed International Airport. It also features a business center which is well equipped with facilities needed to take care of urgent business needs.

Ibis Hotel Ikeja offers concierge services, a great restaurant that prepares great meals, breathtaking luxury rooms, and alfresco dining experience. Enjoy 4-star luxury hospitality service and easy access to several recreational centers within Ikeja.

Conclusion on Top places to stay in Lagos.

Lagos remains a popular choice of destination due to its economic viability, lifestyle, and entertainment. It would definitely provide you with the best home for you and your family. So if you’re looking for the top places to stay in Lagos, you should consider any of these places. s

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