Top Cinemas in Lagos You Should Visit

Top Cinemas in Lagos You Should Visit
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Looking to catch a movie or just researching the top cinemas in Lagos? This article highlights Lagos top-rated cinemas – all you need to know.

Let’s get started!

Top 9 Cinemas in Lagos – An Introduction

Movies are a very good way to bond with family, unwind with friends, and loved ones alike.

In the year 1903, the first set of movies was previewed at the Glover Memorial Hall in Lagos. Years later, mobile cinema vans were used to screen movies to the audience, and films produced by the Nigerian movie industry were screened for free at the cinemas.

Fast-forward to 2022 and beyond, and there are numerous top cinemas in Lagos and different parts of the country.

Are you a movie lover, looking for a good spot to have a good time with friends and family, or looking for top things to do in Lagos?

Here is the list of top cinemas to visit in Lagos and their locations.


IMAX FILM HOUSE, LEKKI is Located on The Rock Drive in Lekki Phase 1 on Lagos Island. The cinema house’s slogan, ‘See it, Feel it, Be it,’ is nothing short of the service rendered. With a virtual reality option giving you an immersive experience, The IMAX Film house cinema is a fun place to be in Lagos.

Boasting of the highest resolution ever in Nigerian cinema, this cinema offers exceptional hospitality in a serene environment. They have their screens in the Signature lounge and screen, the cube as well as the terrace bar.

In IMAX FILM HOUSE, LEKKI, 3D digital displays are the norm and for a little extra amount, you get to keep your 3D glass.

One would comfortably rank this amongst the best cinemas in Lagos Island and Lagos at large.

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Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja has been around since its opening in 2004 and has become a household name for movie lovers.

The first multiplex cinema in West Africa, 16 years later, and their standards remain perfect. Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja, has continued to be one of the best hangout spots for Lagosians.

Located inside Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja Lagos, it holds the mantle of the most popular cinema in Lagos. The majority of the box office movies shown in this cinema are in the following categories;

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Biography
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Sci-fi, and
  • Thrillers along with Nollywood movies also.

Every holiday, there is a great influx of people and families coming in to hang out at this cinema. You should join in the fun to be at one of the most visited cinemas in Lagos mainland if you stay on the Lagos mainland.

It has a very spacious parking lot, wide enough to accommodate its customers.

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Ozone Cinemas Ltd, with 619 luxury seats, commenced its exhibition business on Thursday, 13 November 2008.

Located in the heart of Yaba, Ozone brings you an exciting movie experience in a peaceful environment. Especially popular amongst students, Ozone Cinemas stand as one of the cheapest cinemas in Lagos. It is a four-screen cinema and the first cinema built on the mainland.

Ozone Cinemas is located at e-Centre Commercial Avenue in Yaba Lagos.

Designed to international standards with perfect acoustics, each auditorium is equipped with state-of-the-art projection and Dolby sound. Every performance promises to be an unparalleled experience in filmed entertainment.

The ozone cinema offers the latest movies, box office inclusive, and is one of the fun places in Lagos mainland you should consider hanging out. 

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When you think of a fun hangout with access to a shopping mall, Genesis Deluxe Cinema is the place. This cinema, located on the first floor of the Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki, Lagos, offers you not just the filming experience but much more.

Genesis Deluxe Cinema (GDC) is one of Nigeria’s leading cinema developers and operators. They were the first cinema in Nigeria to show a 3D movie (Green Hornet). Reports indicate that they are the first cinema to achieve this feat in the whole of West Africa.

Within a space of 10 years, this cinema has expanded and now boasts of 7 cinemas scattered around the country. Asides from this, the cinema has over 4000 seats and a total of 28 screens.

If quality filming experience is what you seek, then head over to the Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Lekki. 

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The Surulere Film House Cinema is located in both The Leisure and The Adeniran Ogunsanya Malls, thus providing you with so many fun things to do while waiting for your movie. It is a perfect place to catch up on the latest movies and, of course, also hang out with friends.

The cinema design and operation style of Film House largely incorporates complimentary multifarious features, including a games arcade, ice cream café, food concession, toy shop, digital cinema, 3D cinema, and kid’s club.

Driven primarily by a strong, experienced management team, innovative marketing activities, and impressive guest service standards, you would fall in love with the cinema when you hang out there.

The cinema is located in one of the best places to live in Lagos, so you’re sure of having fun if you live in the area.

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Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island is a popular mall and a go-to hang-out location for people of all ages.

Located on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island Lagos, and consists of five cinema halls, this multiplex cinema offers you a premium viewing of the latest box office movies and Nollywood movies.

Action, adventure, animation, comedy, biography, crime, drama, family, horror, mystery, sci-fi, and thrillers are the genres of movies shown here. It is a must-stop for all movie lovers looking for cinema houses on the Island.

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The 5D Movie experience is the best experience you can ever have. A five-dimensional cinema experience combines the revival of the 3D glasses with moving seats and a combination of scents, wind and vapor – a holistic experience. It’s an overall feast for the senses, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

This stimulating experience is the latest in movie technology and takes watching films to a new level.

The cinema’s shows include family, children, teenagers, and adult-friendly short films lasting from seven to twelve minutes.

The movies have titles such as;

  • Crazy Coaster
  • Bloody Road 1
  • Eagle Roller Coaster
  • Forest Adventure
  • Jungle Pyramid
  • Fright Island
  • Pumpkin Ghosts
  • Volcano Adventure and many more.

Are you a movie lover or thrill seeker who wants to experience virtually everything, your search is over as the Magic Kingdom brings the 5D cinema experience to Lagos, Nigeria, and you.

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Located at Atlantic Center, Chevron Drive, Lekki Lagos Island, The Grand Cinemas is one of the fastest-growing cinemas in Lagos state.

Although established in 2015, it has, within a short period, become one of the most popular cinemas in Lagos due to its location, pricing, and quality of service offered to viewers.

The cinema hall has a minimum capacity of 80 viewing seats in each of its four-screen theaters with comfortable seating arrangements to suit each moviegoer.

Grand Cinemas offers the best of Hollywood, Nollywood, and blockbuster movies for all age grades (children, teens, and adults) in a serene and comfortable environment.

In addition to this, they also offer school excursions, movie premieres, special screenings, and a game arcade center.

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Magnificent Cinemas is a film house in one of the major cities of Lagos – Ikorodu. It is known for its sensational film experience coupled with a cozy atmosphere for proper relaxation.

It is a subsidiary of Magnificent International Leisure and Estate Services Ltd. The Cinema aims at providing a unique movie experience to the communities where it operates.

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More Cinema Houses in Lagos

Brands Cinema, Ogudu

Brand Cinema is a new cinema in Ogudu located at the top floor of the Ogudu Mall, Plot 3 Block M, Ogudu Ojota Road, Ogudu GRA. The cinema house is an entertainment center specializing in delivering audiovisual products and digital visual effects for the entertaining and thrilling if its patrons.

The cinema house has two screens and a seating capacity of 67 offering premium experence to movie goers. If you want to see a movie at an affordable fee in a serene environment, Brands Cinema is the place to be.

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Conclusion on Top Cinemas in Lagos

As the most populous and exciting city in Nigeria, Lagos is obligated to offer you a lot of fun things to do, and its cinemas are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope these top cinemas in Lagos article guides you to a fun time.

If you found this article on the top cinemas in Lagos informative, do well to leave a comment and also hit the share button, to share with your friends.

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