Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do In Anambra State.

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do In Anambra State.
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New in Anambra State or planning to visit? This article on top tourist attractions and things to do in Anambra State highlights the state’s tourist attractions & top things to do.

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do In Anambra State.

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do In Anambra State – Introduction

The enchanting feel of the rustic lifestyle is the allure that drives tourists and visitors to Anambra State, a state in southeast Nigeria.

The state has a wealthy heritage, charming landscapes, and grounded culture. It’s known to be the native state to many of the richest men and women in Igboland.

The name Anambra is an anglicized version of the original ‘Oma Mbala,’ the native name of the Anambra River.

The capital is Awka, and Onitsha is by far the largest urban area.

The state’s theme is “Light of the nation,” and the people of the state are warm, hospitable, and highly enterprising.

Here, we present to you fun places, top tourist attractions, and top things to do in Anambra State.

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Anambra State Map

Anambra State Map showing Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to do in Anambra State


The Ogbunike Cave in Ifite village, Akwa Town in Oyi LGA, which is the most developed cave site in Anambra State, is the most popular tourist destination in Anambra state.

It has 317 man-made steps descending into a valley with a reception spot where tourists can pull off their shoes to begin the crawl into the cave.

The cave, which is amongst the popular caves in Nigeria, has tunnels and streams.

The main cave consists of a massive structure with a big open chamber of about 5m high, 10m wide and 30m long at the entrance.

There are ten tunnels at the main chamber leading to different directions.

Within the tunnels are big chambers and other tunnels of varying lengths, some of which have connections.

The caves are occupied by a large colony of bats of various sizes, and there are streams and bodies of water at various places.

River Nkissa

A stream flows out from one of the tunnels into a rapidly flowing river (River Nkissa).

At the meeting point of the river and the stream, one can feel the warm water from the caves and the cold river water.

Beside this portion of the river is a table land of about 5 x 5 square meters used as a relaxation spot by visitors to the caves.

The immediate environment of the caves up to about 200 meters radius is a thick tropical rainforest type of vegetation.

Among the site’s fauna are deer, antelope, grass cutter, porcupine, rabbit, alligator, snakes, and frogs.

There are also fish, crabs, and birds at the location. 

According to history, the tunnels served as a safe-haven for people escaping from the slave traders.

Visitors with shoes and women in their period do not enter the cave.

Remember to bring a torch, light raincoat, and some cash as you may pay a token to have access to the caves.


Agulu Lake is another interesting and fun place to visit in Anambra.

It is located in between the Agulu and Nri areas of Anaocha Local Government Area.

The lake is host to several rare species of crocodiles, fish among others.

This part of the state provides a suitable environment for picnics and water sports.

Immaculate white, and sometimes made green by algae depending on the season of the year, Agulu Lake is extensive and has a lengthy diameter and beautiful surface area.

The Agulu Lake has so many mysteries surrounding its existence, mysteries, which people still believe to date.

According to beliefs, it belongs to the deity, ‘Ndemili,’ a water god, with special powers.

They say it chooses whom to harbor and drowns whomever it wishes.

Besides this, it’s host to several marine species, the most famous of them being the crocodile and water turtle, which on an estimate, are about three hundred.

Fishing is prohibited here, and these crocodiles are sacred.

During the day, especially during sunlight, the crocodiles and turtles find their way to the bank of the lake to feel the warmth of the sun.


The Igbo Ukwu museum is the hub that holds priceless archaeological artifacts from the 10th century, which was first discovered in 1938.

These bronze artifacts include jewelry, ceramics, ram heads, and staff.

The museum reveals the early occupation of the people, which was predominantly metalworks and founded in 1989.

Pay a visit to The Igbo Ukwu museum and indulge your historical tastebuds in the mouthwatering taste that is Igbo history.


The Ogbaukwu waterfall presents one of the greatest natural tourist attractions in Anambra State.

This is an impressive waterfall at Owerre Ezukala, a border town in Anambra State, which shares boundaries with Imo, Abia, and Enugu States.

The waterfall is in front of the Ogba Ukwu cave, gushing out from a spring on top of the huge and imposing Ogba Rock.

It forms an eternal stream at the foot of the cave and rains down forever.

The amazing part of this scenic waterfall is that the water that falls on the heap of rock below forms a sparkling rainbow color that leaves tourists gaping in wonder.


Are you seeking a fun place for the best family experience or the perfect getaway place to have fun?

Whichever your reason is, Awka Wonderland is the ideal choice.

Though this place is more suitable for kids, there are several fun things adults can participate in. It is definitely the place you want to take your kids during holidays or on a weekend.

The Awka Wonderland models Disneyland with facilities like the zoo, amusement park, among others. It’s one of the best fun places to be in Anambra State.

Conclusion Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do In Anambra State.

Over the years, Anambra state has been praised for its industrious nature.

This is evident with Onitsha as its commercial capital.

However, the state equally has some fun and interesting places you should visit.

Whether you’re staying in Awka or Onitsha, you might want to check out the hotels in Onitsha and Awka.

We hope this list of top tourist attractions and top things to do in Anambra State helps you have an enjoyable experience. 

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