Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do in Ebonyi State

Tourist Attractions and Top Things to do in Ebonyi State
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Are you planning to visit Ebonyi State? Are you currently new in the state or looking for places of attraction in the state? This post covers the tourist attractions and top things to do in Ebonyi State. After reading the article, you’ll be equipped with the necessary information regarding tourism in this wonderful State.

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to do in Ebonyi State
Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to do in Ebonyi State

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to do in Ebonyi State – An Introduction

When talking about states in Nigeria, people overlook Ebonyi state because it’s a new state and has a small landmass.

What many don’t know is that this state has a lot of tourist attractions and interesting places to visit.

Corps members, for example, are sad when they discover that Ebonyi is the state NYSC posted them.

However, they later realize that the state has a lot to offer and is amongst the best places to serve in Nigeria.

This piece will discuss some basic facts about Ebonyi State and top tourist attractions and top things to do in Ebonyi State.

Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State is a state in the southeastern geopolitical zone with Igbo as the predominant language.

It is bordered by Abia, Cross River, Benue, Imo, and Enugu state.

The state was created during the regime of General Sani Abacha, so you can say that he is the founder of Ebonyi state.

The state was carved out from Abia and Enugu states. 

Ebonyi state is known for its agricultural produce, especially rice and other major products like yam, beans, maize, etc.

The state also has mineral resources like lead and crude oil.

Ebonyi state is described as the salt of the nation because of the salt deposits in Okposi and Uburu.

If you have never been to this state, prepare yourself because it has red sand in many areas.

Local Government Areas in Ebonyi State

The capital city of Ebonyi state is Abakiliki, and it’s the hub where people prefer to stay when they are in the state for the first time.

This is because it’s the most developed city in Ebonyi State.

It is also the largest town in the state.

Besides this capital city, there are several local government areas in Ebonyi state.

The Local Government Areas in Ebonyi State are:

  • Abakiliki
  • Afikpo North
  • Afikpo South 
  • Ebonyi
  • Ezza North
  • Ezza South
  • Ikwo
  • Ishielu
  • Ivo 
  • Izzi
  • Ohaozara
  • Ohaukwu
  • Onicha

Besides Abakiliki, some other popular towns in Ebonyi State are

  • Afikpo
  • Ishiagu
  • Edda, and
  • Okposi.

Afikpo is the second largest town in Ebonyi State.

It’s worthy to note that Ikwo is the richest local government area in Ebonyi state.

Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges in Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State might be small in landmass, but it has six reputable tertiary institutions.

These higher institutions in Ebonyi state include;

  • Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki (EBSU).
  • Alex Ekwueme Federal University 
  • Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana
  • Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu
  • Ebonyi State College of Education Ikwo (EBSCOEI) 
  • College of Health Sciences, Ezzamgbo.

Hotels in Abakiliki

Since Abakiliki, the state capital is the largest and most urbanized, it is the most preferred by tourists in Ebonyi State.

Thus, we would highlight some of the best hotels in Abakiliki you can lodge in when you are in the state.

The hotels in Abakiliki are:

Abuson Hotel

The exterior of this hotel is so fantastic that it’ll leave you in awe.

It has a grand and outstanding style that extends to its interior.

The hotel’s services are topnotch, and the environment is always clean and greeny.

Their food is excellent, and they ensure that you have a comfortable stay.

Grace Court Hotel Abakiliki

This is one of the biggest hotels in Abakiliki that you will find.

Besides being big, this hotel lives up to standard.

It is conducive, offers free Wi-Fi, and has a bar where you can relax and mingle with people.

Topview Hotel Abakiliki

This hotel has a serene environment which makes relaxation more enjoyable, and from there, you can get a perfect view of the town.

Many people frequent this hotel because of the exceptional services they offer.

Lodging here would be perfect when you are in Abakiliki for a visit.

Hotel Geneza Abakiliki

If you are looking for a clean and conducive environment, you should lodge in this hotel in Abakiliki.

They have a constant power supply which will make your stay more enjoyable.

It also has a bar where you can relax after a stressful day in the city.

It’s worth noting that the prices of the rooms are affordable.

Beaches in Ebonyi State

We cannot talk about the top things to do in Ebonyi state without mentioning the beaches in Ebonyi state, which are enabling grounds for relaxation.

The beaches in Ebonyi State are:

Ndibe Beach and the Ndibe Beach Hotels and Resorts Limited

The view at this place is impressive and has made it one of the famous places in Ebonyi state.

It is located at Afikpo, which is the second-largest town in the state.

Not only is it a beach, but it also has accommodation provision and is a fun getaway place for many.

People go there to relax during the weekend or when they need a break.

The scene is always lively, and you will not regret visiting it.

Unwana Beach

This place is known as the Unwana golden sand beach in Unwana, and you will have a pleasant experience while here.

There are many fun activities to do at this place, including riding in canoes and enjoying the beach atmosphere.

There is never a dull moment, and the people you will meet are always happy. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Ebonyi State

There are many fun places in Ebonyi state for you to explore, and we would highlight them below.

Some of the top tourist attractions and fun places in Ebonyi state are:

The Abakaliki Golf Course

For a relaxing mental experience, you should visit the golf course in the state capital.

The place offers you a great time while hanging out with like-minded people.

Amanchor Cave

This is located in Afikpo South local government area.

There is a belief that this cave has powers, and the locals worship it.

It is a great place to explore, as the stories and culture are intriguing.

Okposi Salt Lake

If you can recall, Ebonyi state is described as the salt of the nation.

The Okposi Salt Lake in Ohozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, has for over 400 years, been a constant supply of salt to the people of Uburu and Okposi.

Besides supplying salt, this salt lake offers a great view, something you’ll always tell a tale about.

The Abakaliki Green Lake

Interestingly, this Abakaliki green lake is located inside the government house.

It serves as a relaxation spot where people go to have a pleasant time.

Beholding this sight is something you want to experience – it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Conclusion on Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to do in Ebonyi State

Conclusively, many of the fun places in Ebonyi state also make it to the list of beautiful places in Nigeria.

Ebonyi state might be small, but it has numerous potentials.

We hope that this article on top tourist attractions and things to do in Ebonyi state will serve as a starting guide to exploring the state.

If you’re visiting Ebonyi state, where will be the first place for you to visit?

Have you visited any of the locations?

How was your experience?

Tell us in the comment section.

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