Tourist Attractions in Enugu State; Top 7 to Know

Tourist Attractions in Enugu State
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Are you visiting or researching the tourist attractions in Enugu State? This post discusses the places of attraction in the state; from caves to beaches and recreation centers – everything you need to know about tourism in Enugu State.

Tourist Attractions in Enugu State

Tourist Attractions in Enugu State – An Introduction

Enugu, the coal city, is a city of unique topography, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery.

With ancient historical relics, several recreational spots, and friendly and hospitable people, Enugu offers several exciting places for leisure and business activities.

Enugu is derived from the words ‘Enu’ and ‘Ugwu,’ meaning ‘Top’ and ‘Hill’ respectively. It is the oldest urban area in the Southeast and holds the most beautiful city in South-Eastern Nigeria.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a food lover, or someone looking for top things to do in Enugu State, Enugu will fulfill all your desires!

Here, we explore the top seven tourist attractions in Enugu State that will leave you awestruck!  

Map of Enugu State


Top Seven Tourist Attractions in Enugu State


The Ezeagu Tourist Complex is in the south-central part of the State and has an unimaginable beauty.

The complex has a waterfall, a three-kilometer cave, a natural spring, and a lake.

The waterfall, called ‘Ogbagada,’ is about 23 meters high and falls from an awe-inspiring cliff with a unique, thunderous sound.

The site’s splendor is expressed by the almost 5 kilometers long Obinofia cave, whose size and compartments are awe-striking.

It has several tunnels heading out in different directions.

Some of the tunnels are inter-connected, often opening up into large chambers.

These chambers are two to three meters high and up to ten meters wide.

For the adventurous, a lamp will come in handy while exploring the caves in Ezeagu Tourist Complex.

You can relax and enjoy a quiet time at the complex resort center with the environment’s serenity soothing you therapeutically. 


Enugu has lots of caves!

A significant part of these caves in Enugu State is the Ngwo Caves and waterfall.

This cave is termed the cave of Giants due to its towering heights.

To get to the face of the cave, you would have to go past the picturesque Ngwo Pine Forest. 

The floor of the cave has a gently flowing stream of spring water.

A narrow, but high opening leads into the crevice, and the loud splashing of the crystal clear waters announces your arrival.

The Cave is naturally sculpted in limestone and decorated by an enchanting waterfall dropping from a small opening at the roof. 

Behind the big rock where the cave is placed, there are more caves carefully tucked into the rock.

While some of these caves are within reach, you need a good climb to access others.

The waterfall also has warm and hot water that comes out together from one source.


Awhum waterfall is in Amaugwe village of Awhum town close to Awhum Monastery in Udi LGA, few kilometers away from the city.

The waterfall flows from a massive protrusion of granite rock and is warm all year round.

The fall is about 30 meters high and people believe it has therapeutic effects due to its proximity to the Monastery.

The Cave and waterfall’s environment has evergreen vegetation and varieties of biological species, including wild animals and a wide range of birds.

This is one of the most popular caves in Nigeria and a must-visit when you’re in Enugu State.


Enugu is not a coastal city, but nature manages to provide an alternative spot for beach lovers in and around the state.

The Akwuke beach is a riverbank with lots of sand that stretches over a vast expanse of land.

It gives one the beach feeling and provides satisfaction for those who love to feel the sand below their feet.

The beach, located in Akwuke, a town a few kilometers away from the city, is a sure site for picnics and a popular location for photoshoots, music videos, and movies. 


For tourists who love golf or enjoy the beauty of lush green scenery, the golf course is an interesting place to visit in Enugu State.

Featuring an 18 hole, 330 yards of international standard lawn, the golf course attracts foreign and local visitors all year round.

The golf course is at 11 Park Avenue after Park Lane Hospital and is open to all sports lovers.

Asides being an attraction for lovers of beautiful landscapes, the course serves as a spot for both local and international tournaments.


For good nightlife in Enugu, the city has the choicest lounges to relax and have a good chill.

From bars like Coal City gardens, Otigba gardens, and New Berries Park to lounges, which also double as night clubs like the Platinum lounge, Tru lounge, and the Orange room.

Exotic and high-class experience seekers can visit the Latitude Lounge at the Polo Park Mall and the Ballroom club just a few miles away from it.

These lounges and night clubs in Enugu State are places you should be for a thrilling experience.

The city has constant electricity – one feature that makes Enugu’s nightlife experience thrilling.  


Aside from its beautiful landscape and awe-inspiring architecture, one other feature that makes the mall unique is the gigantic Ferris wheel in front of the mall.

Never miss a chance to gain an exhilarating experience with a ride on the Ferris wheel.

The Polo Park Mall, frequented daily by tons of tourists and residents, has several food courts, supermarkets, and other shopping outlets.

While shopping or having a great meal, one can also grab the opportunity to meet new people. 

Conclusion on Top Seven Tourist Attractions in Enugu State

Conclusively, Enugu State is a must-visit state for tourists from in and out of the country.

Get your prepared, get a map of Enugu State, and explore the places of attraction the state offers.

We hope this list of the top Seven Tourist Attractions in Enugu State helps you have the best experience.

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