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Abia State Logo
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Are you new in Abia State, Nigeria, planning to visit the state, or just looking for information about Abia State?

This article on Abia State map, logo, population, governor, and facts will help you get essential details about the state.

All the necessary information you need to know about Abia State.

This article covers;

  • Local governments in Abia State
  • The Capital of Abia State – Umuahia
  • The Population of Abia State’s major city – Aba
  • Airport in Abia State?
  • Religion in Abia State
  • Governor of Abia State
  • Abia State Slogan
  • Richest Man in Abia State
  • How old is Abia State
  • Abia State Colleges, Polytechnics, and Universities
  • Top Abia State Destinations
  • Amongst other essential information about Abia State.

Abia State, Nigeria – An Introduction

Abia state is in the southeastern region of Nigeria and is ‘God’s own state’.

It was amongst the new states formed in 1991 and was carved out from Imo State.

Abia State shares borders with Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi, Rivers, and Akwa Ibom states.

Abia state population is relatively high and is the 4th highest human development index in Nigeria as of 2020.

The state is also the 5th most industrialized state in the country, being the home to the famous Ariara International Market, Aba.

Abia state is also home to oil wells and one of the biggest cattle markets in Nigeria.

As highlighted earlier, this article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Abia State.

Abia State Logo

Abia State Logo
Abia State Logo

The Abia State Map

Abia State Map

Abia State Population

According to the last projection by the National Bureau of Statistics, Abia State population is estimated at about 3,727,347 as of 2016.

Abia State Population according to National Bureau of Statistics

Where is the Capital of Abia State?

A typical Nigerian knows the capital of Abia state as it is the first on the chart of states, and children learn the state-chart song from a young age.

For the sake of tourists and others that don’t know, the capital of Abia State is Umuahia.

However, this brings confusion as many people feel that Aba is the capital of the state.

No one in Nigeria has never heard of Aba due to the city’s famous commercial and industrious activities.

Many sellers across cities in Nigeria come to buy things from Aba.

Thus, Aba town is more popular than Umuahia. This makes people assume that Aba is the capital of Abia State.

Ironically, Umuahia is derived from the word ‘AmaAhia,’ which means the market center in the Igbo language, but Aba has taken this status. 

This is not to write off the city of Umuahia, as it still plays the role of being a market center and attracts traders from neighboring cities.

Most of its produce are agricultural products such as palm kennel, yam, corn, cassava, etc.

It’s also worthy to note that Umuahia, the Abia State capital, played a significant role during the civil war.

Asides from attracting traders, this city also attracts tourists who visit the city to explore the many tourist attractions in Umuahia. Some places stand as memorial grounds and are open for people to explore. 

There is Umuahia North and Umuahia South, but many people make a generalization and call it Umuahia.

What is the Slogan of Abia State?

Every state in Nigeria has its unique slogan, and Abia State is not left out.

The slogan of Abia State is God’s own state.

The majority of the people in Abia state are Christians, and they believe that all their progress is in God’s hands.

These people know how well their trading and markets are flourishing and give all the glory to God.

When you visit Abia state, Nigeria, you will notice this slogan put up at a strategic point for all to see.

It serves as a reminder to all that the foundation of the state is God.

Even the governors so far do not fail to include this when passing messages.

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Who is the Governor of Abia State 2021?

The current governor of Abia State is Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, and he came into office in May 2015. 

He studied Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Maiduguri and finished with B.Sc. (Hons.) Second Class Upper Division in August 1984.

He did his NYSC program at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt as a clinical biochemist.

Ikpeazu also has an M.Sc. degree in Biochemical Toxicology from the University of Maiduguri, and a Ph.D. degree in Biochemical Pharmacology from the University of Calabar.

He came into office under the PDP platform, and this has been the ruling party in Abia State since democracy in 1999.

Here is a list of all the governors in Abia state since 1999:

1Orji Uzor KaluMay 29, 1999 – May 29, 2007
2Theodore OrjiMay 29, 2007 – May 29, 2015
3Okezie IkpeazuMay 29, 2015 – date
Table showing list of all the governors in Abia state since 1999

How Many Local Governments are in Abia State?

When you look at the Map of Nigeria, Abia state is amongst the smallest states in terms of size.

However, when you analyze the activities that happen within the state, it will give you second thoughts. 

There are 17 local government areas in Abia State. 

Local Government Areas in Abia State

  • Aba North
  • Aba South
  • Arochukwu
  • Bende
  • Ikwuano
  • Isiala Ngwa North
  • Isiala Ngwa South
  • Isuikwuato
  • Obi Ngwa
  • Ohafia
  • Osisioma Ngwa
  • Ugwunagbo
  • Ukwa East
  • Ukwa West
  • Umuahia North
  • Umuahia South
  • Umu Nneochi

Due to how small the state is, activities are spread across many of the state’s local government areas, which gives popularity to these places.

The popular local government areas in Abia state are LGAs around the Ngwa community, the Umuahia community, the Aba community, Ohafia, the Ukwa community, and Arochukwu.

What is the Population of Aba Abia State Nigeria?

Aba is the commercial center of Abia State.

While it may be easy to generally classify or regard it as Aba, it is good to note that there are two local government areas – Aba South and Aba North.

People from all parts of Nigeria tend to have Aba amongst their choice list when it comes to shopping due to the mass production and cheapness of items in Aba.

The population of Aba is about 2,534,265.

It is not only the most populous town in Abia State, but it is also the most populous city in the South East region of Nigeria.

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Religion in Aba, Abia State

Christianity is the predominant religion in Aba, and some of the popular denominations are:

  • The Catholic Church
  • The Assemblies of God Church
  • Anglican Church of Nigeria
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Is there any Airport in Abia State?

One cannot deny that air traveling is the fastest means of transportation to any place in and outside Nigeria.

Traveling by air undoubtedly comes to the mind of people when they want to visit Abia State.

People are always curious to know if there is an airport in Abia State to make their journey easier.

Unfortunately, there is no airport in Abia State.

Instead, there are both international airports and local airports in the surrounding states.

If breaking the journey sounds like something you would want to do, you can make use of any of the nearby airports, then use land transportation to reach Abia State.

Some of the closest airports to Abia State are:

  • Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport, Imo State
  • Port Harcourt International Airport, Rivers State
  • Akwa Ibom Airport, Akwa Ibom.

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Who is the Richest Man in Abia State?

There are different things people want to know about a state when doing research, and the question of the richest man in Abia State comes up regularly.

The richest man in Abia State is none other than Orji Uzor Kalu, one of the past governors of Abia state.

It’s worthy to note that he is also amongst the richest men in Igboland.

It is common for people to want to attribute his wealth to politics.

While this may or may not be true, there are records to show that he was an accomplished man before becoming a governor.

He started business at the age of 19 and was already a billionaire at the age of 20.

Today, he is the richest man in Abia State, and amongst Forbes list of richest Igbo men.

What is Abia State Known for?

Abia State is popular for its commercial activities, which is amongst the reasons foreign investors have an interest in the state.

People love to invest in trading activities, as getting revenue from it is always sure.

There is an unpopular saying that there is almost no business that cannot thrive in Abia State.

Abia State is famous for its agricultural activities.

Most of its indigenes are farmers, and they do not joke with their produce. They put in the effort to ensure that the harvest is bountiful.

Also, Abia State is known for its Oil and Gas industry. The State itself produces about 11,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

How Old is Abia?

Abia State is currently 29 years old as it was created in 1991.

Nigeria currently has 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. However, these states did not come into existence at once; it was a gradual process.

The last set of states to be created was in 1991, and Abia State was amongst the list. 

The state was carved out from Imo State

Abia’s name came from the populated regions in the state, which are Aba, Bende, Isuikwuato, and Afikpo.

It is an abbreviation that was coined from the first alphabets of the words.

Abia State Colleges and Universities

The educational system in the state is commendable as there are reputable universities and colleges in Abia State.

Abia State Universities and Colleges are:

Abia State University Uturu

This University has been in existence since 1981, when Abia state was still a part of Imo State.

It is one of the state-owned universities in Nigeria, and it was established by the then governor of old Imo State, Sam Mbakwe.

The university moved to its permanent site in Uturu between 1984 -1985.

When the separation of states was done in 1991, it was ceded to Abia State.

Its main Campus is in Uturu, and it has another campus in Umuahia. The College of Law, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine fall under the Umuahia campus.

It offers numerous courses that cut across undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees.

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

Established in 1992, this school is located at Umudike and was formerly known as the Federal University of Agriculture.

It is a specialized university that helps people who want a degree in agriculture and related courses.

The motto of the school is Knowledge, Food, and Security, and its official colors are Green & Yellow.

This university has 57 departments with eleven colleges and a School of General Studies.

Departments in the School of General Studies are;

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • History
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Philosophy
  • Physical and Health, and
  • Social Science.

The colleges in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture are;

  • Animal Science and Animal Production
  • Education
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Rural Sociology and Extension
  • Crop and Soil Science
  • Applied Food Science and Tourism
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Management Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Natural Resources, and Environmental Management,
  • Physical and Applied Science, and
  • Veterinary Medicine.

Abia State Polytechnic

This school is in Aba, Abia State.

The school offers students the opportunity to get an ND degree in many courses, and you can get an HND in courses like Biology/Microbiology and Chemistry/Biochemistry only.

The official colors of Abia State Polytechnic are yellow and dark red.

The school has five colleges that offer numerous courses.

The schools in Abia State Polytechnic are;

  • School of Business and Management Technology
  • School of Engineering Technology
  • The School of Environmental Design and Technology
  • School of Food Science and Technology, and
  • School of Science and Engineering Technology.

Its environment is conducive, and the facilities are improved from time to time.

Clifford University

Clifford University is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nigeria.

This church is popular in Abia state and has two universities in Nigeria.

The other is Babcock University in Ogun State.

Clifford University is situated in Ihie, Abia state and was established in 2013, but was approved by the government in 2016.

It is a fast-growing school, and the NUC approves different courses yearly for the University.

The location had always belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist church as there was an Adventist school there back in the days, but the government seized the land during the civil war and returned it in 2013.

Gregory University Uturu, Abia State

This is a private university in Abia State named after its owner, Professor Gregory Ibe.

He is an indigene of Uturu, Abia State, which justifies why the school is located in Uturu.

Asides from being a force in Nigeria’s educational sector, he is also a Nigerian Business Executive and an entrepreneur par excellence, amongst others.

The slogan of Gregory University is ‘Knowledge for Tomorrow.

Gregory University has 30 departments and courses that cut across its eight colleges.

Gregory University Uturu’s colleges are:

  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • College of Law
  • The College of Engineering
  • College of Agriculture
  • College of Environmental Sciences
  • The College of Humanities
  • College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and
  • Joseph Bokai College of Social and Management Sciences

Rhema University

Although they have not moved to their permanent residence, this school has been remarkable since its establishment.

It is a private university in Abia State established in 2009, and Living Word Ministries International owns it.

The school has two colleges and offers ten undergraduate programs while providing facilities that ensure comfort and wholesome learning for its students.

It has a standard hospital to care for the students and a radio station that assists those studying communications.

The library, farm, and laboratories are also in a topnotch standard.

They are always striving to provide nothing but the best at all times. 

Top Abia State Destinations

If you are a first-timer in Abia State, you will be looking for tourist attractions or interesting places to visit

Although Abia State is small in terms of land size, it has some top destinations contributing to its tourism sector.

Some top and peculiar Abia State Destinations are:

Azumini Blue River

It is common to see a river in the state, but what makes this one special is its unique color.

The river’s bank is an excellent spot for picnics and hangout and is found in the city of Azumini in Ukwa East Local Government Area of Abia State.

This river is found on the boundary between Abia and Akwa Ibom State, making it accessible to residents from both states.

The place is calming and is an excellent spot to interact with people.

You can also engage in water activities such as boating, yachting, fishing, swimming, and skiing.

Do not let this be a tale. Go, and experience it!

National War Museum, Umuahia

The story of the Nigerian war is one that is passed down from generation to generation.

This is because, just like the Nigerian military coups, the civil war played a significant role in the life of Igbos and Nigerians in general.

Thus, it is not out of place for Abia State to have a museum dedicated to war stories.

The museum tells stories of the military regime and showcases the instruments that were used during the war.

It gives a detailed explanation of the fall of the Biafran Nation, and you will almost feel like you were present.

It is a great place to get knowledge about the history of the people.

Ojukwu Bunker

This place is located at Umuahia, and it has been in existence for a long time.

It belonged to Chief Michael Opara, but it was later given to the Biafran Government after the fall of their capital.

You will not be wrong to call this place an annex of the national war museum as most of the war activities were planned at this place.

It was where Ojukwu lived, and it is an underground place that gave the people means of escape.

The place contains pictures of some of the major players of the war and also pictures of war scenes.

It is a play that secures history and gives deep insights.

National Museum of Colonial History Aba

This museum was established in 1984.

A lot has changed since independence, and it sometimes feels like enough stories are not available.

However, this museum has adequate documentation that will give you better exposure.

It shows and tells how Nigeria got her independence and how things have evolved between then and now.

If you are a history student looking for a missing link in research work, this museum in Aba, Abia State, will fill that void.

National Gallery Of Arts Umuahia

Culture is the way of life of people living in a certain area, and it would be right of you to understand this when you are in their terrain.

It is also common knowledge that pictures have a long-lasting effect on the mind. Thus, this art gallery is perfect for you to visit in Abia State, especially if you want to know more about the people.

All the artworks at this place tell a story. It could be of the history of Abia state, what the people believe, the state’s daily activities, etc.

Icons Lounge

This is the best place to turn up and have fun in Abia State. It is affordable and is a top destination in the state.

It is amongst the top 3 night clubs and relaxation spots in Abia State that any of the residents will tell you.

At this place, there are almost no restrictions as the goal is to have maximum fun.

This place screams class, so you know that their services are premium.

It has an abundance of drinks to offer you, and you will never have a dull moment.

If you want to take a break from whatever brought you to Abia State, you should visit the Icons Lounge.

The Amakama Wooden Cave 

Many people will find it hard to believe that a tree can accommodate people, but seeing is believing.

The Amakama Wooden Cave is a tree that has a gigantic hallow and can take up to 15 grown people

Of course, one would expect that there should be a history surrounding this place. 

History says that it was one of the hideouts during wars, and it also played a role during the slave trade era.

People find the prospect of entering into a tree exciting, and if it sounds like something that you would want to do, ensure to visit this tree cave when you are in Abia State.

Aba Sports Club

What better way is there for you to relax than at a sports club?

The Aba sports club has equipment and facilities to ensure that you have a meaningful time whenever you visit.

There are different gaming activities, cutting across both outdoor and indoor games, and everyone gets to relate on an equal level.

At this place, you will meet people and establish friendship bonds.

It has been in existence since 1921 and has evolved over time.

Conclusion on Facts about Abia State

Abia State is a fabulous place to explore, even though it is not getting as many mentions as it should.

With this article, we hope to make you feel excited to visit the state if you have never been there.

Keep an open mind, and you will have an excellent stay during your visit.

Did this article on Abia State map, logo, population, governor, and facts interest you?

Which place will you love to experience first?

Have you visited any of the places mentioned?

Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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