Top Shipping Companies in Nigeria; Complete List.

Top Shipping Companies in Nigeria
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Searching for information on top shipping companies in Nigeria? Well, it’s a good thing you’re here. This article will enlighten you on the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

Have a good read.

An Introduction to Shipping companies in Nigeria

Manufacturing goods without plans of an efficient and safe means of transporting them to major distributors, warehouses, retailers, or the final consumers is like preparing a delicious meal but leaving it in the pot to rot.

Every manufacturing company in the world requires a system whose sole purpose is to transport and distribute products from the manufacturing point to other market players, and this system revolves around shipping companies. 

What are Shipping Companies?

Shipping companies are organizations that handle the shipment and transportation of merchandise.

Many modern shipping companies also offer warehouse management services.

They exist to move cargo from their pick-up points to their stated destinations.

These companies could be a part of the manufacturing company’s system or an independent organization, but it is often the latter. 

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Shipping Companies in Nigeria

Nigerian shipping companies combine shipping and logistics expertise to execute delivery operations, inside or outside Nigeria.

The shipping and logistics industry may not be as popular as the manufacturing and food processing industry, but it is vital to these companies’ success.

Without them, manufacturers would not be able to transfer their products and goods to those who need them.

More so, importation and exportation are lucrative businesses in Nigeria, and Nigerian shipping companies are right in the middle of their operations.

These shipping companies ensure that products such as agricultural produce, mineral fuels, raw materials, ships, boats, and automobile spare parts are safely transported to their destinations inside and outside Nigeria. 

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List of Top Shipping Companies in Nigeria

To be among the elite names of shipping companies in Nigeria, you must be highly rated in the following disciplines:

  1. Delivery time
  2. Track record
  3. Safety and quality of goods before and after delivery
  4. Range of service (within or outside Nigeria, type of goods transported)

Considering the following factors, these are some of the best shipping companies in Nigeria (in no particular order)

Safmarine Nigeria

First on the list of shipping companies in Nigeria is Safmarine, a private import and export service impeccable in shipping and delivery.

The company ships a wide range of goods, including dry cargo, reefer cargo, project cargo, special cargo, and hazardous cargo.

The company is also tested and trusted for shipping across Africa, Europe, the Indian Ocean, North America, and South America.

You can easily execute shipping from Nigeria to USA and vice versa using Safmarine Nigeria. 

Safmarine’s headquarters is at Kazuma Plaza 6th Floor 2-4 Ede Street Apapa Lagos P.O Box 70700, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Cloverleaf Shipping Limited

Cloverleaf is highly-rated as one of Nigeria’s best companies for custom-made shipping services, cargo management, and freight forwarding from Nigeria to the UK.

The company is linked to many international shipping companies in Nigeria, and they have been in the business of delivering top-notch shipping services for many years.

According to their tag name, Cloverleaf Shipping Limited is a safe berth for your ship and cargo.

Shipping from USA to Nigeria and vice versa is no problem for Cloverleaf Shipping Limited too.

You can trust them to deliver promptly in that regard. 

Cloverleaf is currently located at 1 Warehouse, Apapa, Lagos. 

Balaguer Limited

Balaguer Limited is a top-tier shipping company in Nigeria.

They cover sea and air cargo, customs clearance, off-shore logistics support, project cargo handling, bulk cargo handling, material and personnel transfer, and customs documentation. 

Their services are legitimate as they are licensed by the Nigerian Maritime Authority (NMA) and the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) to operate as a Nigerian shipping company.

Their head office is located at Leo Block, Ground Floor, Eleganza Plaza, 1, Commercial Road, P.O. Box 603, Apapa- Lagos.

With their exquisite and flexible service, it is no surprise that they are one of the best shipping companies in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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Zenith Shipping Company Limited

At the pinnacle of shipping and logistics in Nigeria is Zenith Shipping Company Limited.

The company was established in 1996 and is fully registered as a shipping and general maritime service provider.

They offer shipment tracking, freight forwarding, warehousing management, and other logistic-related activities. 

The company works on the principle of being leagues ahead of others, and it is evident in their approach in executing shipping and logistics. 

OceanGlory Commodities Limited

In the world of shipping and logistics, OceanGlory Commodities Limited stands tall as an excellent choice.

The company provides premium and first-class shipping/logistics services inside and outside Nigeria.

They also offer top-tier freight forwarding, door-to-door cargo delivery, haulage services, clearing and forwarding, and oil and gas services. 

Try out their services today. They are one of the top 10 logistics companies in Nigeria.

Their headquarters is situated at No. 25, Randle Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Antwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited

Antwerp’s shipping services in Nigeria are some of the best anyone will find in Lagos, Nigeria.

They cover everything relating to shipping, logistics, freight forwarding, and cargo delivery from Nigeria to the UK.

Antwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited is located on 1, Commercial Road, 1st Floor, Leo Block, Eleganza Plaza, Apapa.

Antwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited is on the list of the best haulage companies in Lagos, and they should be your go-to option for anything shipping and logistics.

You can also select their services if you’re thinking of shipping cars from USA to Nigeria. 

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Express Cargo (Liners) Shipping

Fast, simple, and safe deliveries of all goods are the words on the mouths of everyone doing business with Express Cargo Shipping.

The company offers one of Nigeria’s best logistics and shipping services for international transportation, domestic retail distribution, project cargo, and warehouse management.

Another flexibility that comes with shipping with this company is carrying out collective, complete, and partial shipments of goods.

You can also use their services to ship from USA to Nigeria and vice versa.

They’re that good!

Admiral Marine Shipping Nigeria Limited

Since its establishment in 1998, Admiral Marine Shipping Nigeria Limited has provided nothing but excellent services in shipping and logistics.

The company is licensed to operate as a customs agent in all the seaports and airports in Nigeria

The company has its headquarters in Port-Harcourt, but you can find its major offices at Lagos, Calabar, and Warri.

They also have a vast network of 48 agents dispersed strategically across major ports in major ports in Europe, North American, South-East Asia, and China.

The company can operate as a shipping agency and execute freight forwarding, oil and glass supply and procurement, export handling and re-export of equipment, marine consultancy, and haulage insurance.

It is one of the best shipping companies in Apapa, Lagos. 

Their headquarters in Nigeria is located at 29, Burma Road Nasco House 2nd Floor, Apapa Lagos. 

FedEx Nigeria

FedEx is one of the biggest shipping and courier companies globally. According to Statista, The company generated 69.2 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue in the fiscal year of 2020 alone.

Since Nigeria is a major hub of import and export, it is no surprise that they have major branches in Nigeria.

You can find FedEx branches in many regions in Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt.

Due to their operational flexibilities, FedEx always has a solution for every shipping need, which makes them one of the best in the world. 

Without taking anything from the other haulage companies in Lagos, FedEx is perhaps the best international shipping company in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company shows no signs of slowing down now or in the future and is amongst the known multinational companies in Nigeria.

Workships Africa Limited

The merger of the West Coast Shipping Line Ltd (WCSL) and Workship Africa Ltd (WSA) is what gave birth to the Workships Africa Limited in 2001.

Since its inception, the company has been offering exquisite shipping and logistics services to various businesses in and out of Nigeria, especially the oil and gas industry. 

They are one of the best shipping companies in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The company has its main office in Nigeria at No. 2, Circular Road, Rumuogba Estate, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

Nisibor Procurement Solutions

If you’re into mini-importation, then you will most likely need shipping and logistics to help you transport goods from China.

Well, Nisibor Procurement Solutions is arguably the best shipping company from China to Nigeria, and you can trust them to deliver your goods safely and timely. 

You can locate their office at 3, Jaiyeola Street, off Fatai Irawo Street, behind Reston Hotel, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria. 

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Other Top Shipping Companies in Nigeria

Honorable mentions include: 

  • Mas Global Express and Logistics
  • Advanced International Merchants Limited
  • Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Limited
  • Nigerdock Nigeria PLC
  • Saro Transcontinental Ltd
  • Blue Funnel Nigeria
  • Sifax Group
  • Whiteworld Shipping Limited
  • Zeek Shipping Lines Limited
  • Seawave Shipping Company Limited
  • Nedlinks Logistics International Limited
  • Sailbond Shipping Limited
  • Value Handlers International Limited     
  • Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited
  • Delek Marine Services Limited
  • Maersk Nigeria Limited

Concluding on Top Shipping Companies in Nigeria

The shipping companies mentioned above are the best you will find in Nigeria.

They handle shipping operations professionally, and they are of impeccable international standard.

Thanks to the internet, you can now get online quotes for their services and even make bookings online.

All you have to do is visit the shipping company’s website of your choice and follow the prompts on the interface.

It’s that easy!

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