The Poorest States in Nigeria

The Poorest States in Nigeria
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This post highlights the poorest states in Nigeria in terms of internally generated revenue and similar factors. After reading this article, you’ll identify these states and the states amongst them that have the highest potentials for investment.

Poorest States in Nigeria

The Poorest States in Nigeria – An Introduction

Nigeria is a country blessed with several resources and seen as one of the topmost black nations.

In fact, if you want to mention the African poorest countries, Nigeria will not be amongst the top 20 poorest countries in Africa.

Instead, it is amongst the top 20 richest countries in the continent.

However, this does not qualify Nigeria as a developed country in the world.

When you mention Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt are some states that would come to mind.

This is because they’re the most developed states and are amongst the highest revenue-generating states in Nigeria.

Because some of the states in Nigeria are struggling economically, it affects parts of the economy.

Some people may want to pin the poorness of these states to the Abacha’s loot, but it goes beyond that.

The worth of these states is rated mostly based on IGR (internally generated revenue), which is a function of the avenues of revenue generation in the state.

It would not be right to pinpoint one state as the poorest state in Nigeria.

However, we will highlight some of the poorest states in Nigeria.

Nigeria Poorest States

Out of the 36 states, here are the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria:

1. Yobe State

It is reported that this state generates the lowest revenue amongst all the states in Nigeria. The state is located in the Northeastern region of the country, and the majority of its people depend on agriculture.

Yobe is one of the newest states in Nigeria, and its poor economic state may be attributed to its newness.

However, this cannot be generalized as other states in that category are fending better.

There are some rich mineral deposits in Yobe state waiting to be exploited.

There is a need for diversification in the state instead of focusing on just agriculture.

Hopefully, with excellent management of resources, the state will become a rich state in Nigeria.

2. Gombe State

Gombe state is in the northeastern region of Nigeria.

It is a small state made up of 11 local government areas as it was carved out of Borno State.

The majority of the people of Gombe state are Fulani.

One important thing you should know about this state is that it is highly traditional.

Thus, things are not as flexible as it should be for there to be enough revenue generation.

Gombe state has records of insecurities also, and this greatly affects its economy.

Thus, it is not surprising that the state is amongst the poorest states in Nigeria despite having some tourist attractions.

Hopefully, with the fight against insurgency intensifying, peace will return, and the state will generate more revenue.

3. Ebonyi State

If you carry out research, you will see that Ebonyi state is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria as it has attractive sites that would make anyone want to visit the state.

Thus, it is somewhat confusing how this state generates low revenue for Nigeria.

This shows that a state might be beautiful, but its attractions and resources are not well utilized.

Ebonyi state might be the poorest state in Igbo land; however, the state’s agricultural sector is booming.

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The state is currently one of the fastest developing states in Nigeria.

If proper attention is paid to the necessary quarters and the current pace of development is maintained, it would yield results.

Ebonyi might turn out as one of the richest states in Nigeria in ten to twenty years.

4. Ekiti State

One of the prominent problems with many states in Nigeria, which contributes to why they do not yield high revenue, is the inability to utilize resources rightly.

This problem is evident in Ekiti state.

It is confusing why a state that has numerous resources is amongst the poorest in the country.

This problem can be traced to either the state’s governance or ignorance.

Either way, it affects Ekiti state and puts it amongst the poorest Yoruba states.

Columbite, limestone, gold, iron ore, and others are amongst the resources in Ekiti state that need to be utilized to boost the state.

Hopefully, these resources will be managed well to put the state to where it belongs.

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5. Jigawa State

Jigawa state is not amongst the newest states created in Nigeria, but it has not been doing well as it is among the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria.

This shows that it is not how long something has been in place, but how well they have performed or are still performing.

Judging how the economy is currently in Jigawa, they generate low revenue for the country.

However, there may be hope for them if an effort is put into improving the economy.

Jigawa state is in the northwestern region of Nigeria and has many potentials of improving its economy.

6. Nasarawa State

Nasarawa state is one of the poorest states in the north-central region of Nigeria and amongst the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria.

The state is blessed with great vegetation and various mineral resources, but mismanagement has placed it as a poor state, and many people in the nation ignore this place.

The place, however, is near Abuja, and the development in the FCT is fast affecting Nasarawa state positively.

Hopefully, that will make it one of the richest states in the North-central and in Nigeria.

7. Kebbi State

Kebbi state is another state in the northwestern region of Nigeria that makes the list of poorest states in Nigeria.

The people of this state are dependent on agriculture, but that is not enough to sustain them always.

If the governance decides to explore and diversify, it will yield positive results in the state.

8. Taraba State

The majority of the people in Taraba state are into agriculture while some are into cattle rearing.

However, the state of living of the people is low, and the state generates little revenue compared to other states in Nigeria.

There have been efforts to improve the tourism sector of the state, and hopefully, it would yield effective and positive results that’ll boost the state’s economic state.

9. Kwara State

Kwara state is one of the states in Nigeria that is doing tremendously well in the educational sector.

However, the state has not been able to generate adequate revenue to elevate it from being among the poorest states in Nigeria.

There is hope that this state would soon be lifted as multinational companies have begun to see that the state is a promising state for investment.

Fingers crossed, we hope to see better things from Kwara State soon.

10. Zamfara State

It is rather unfortunate that many states in Nigeria are dependent on agriculture for internally generated revenue.

This is the case of Zamfara state, and it has made it not to grow farther than it should.

Thus, it is part of the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria.

We hope the state harnesses its resources and set up other avenues of internally generated revenue.

Conclusion on the Poorest States in Nigeria

Abacha’s loot may have affected sectors in Nigeria, but this is not the sole reason why many states are not doing well.

If the highlighted poorest states in Nigeria can emulate what the richest states in Nigeria are doing, there is hope for them to generate higher revenue.

We look forward to the incoming years for economic growth in the different states and Nigeria as a nation.

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