Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Delta State

Top Attractions and Top Things to do in Delta State
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Are you planning to visit Delta State? Are you currently new in the state or looking for places of attraction in the state? This post covers the tourist attractions and top things to do in Delta State. After reading the article, you’ll be equipped with the necessary information regarding tourism in Delta State.

Top Attractions and Things to do in Delta State

Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Delta State – An Introduction

Delta State is one of the popular states in south-south Nigeria, especially because it is in the Niger Delta region.

The state is one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria and is amongst the top Niger Delta states.

Delta State has close affiliations with Edo state as it was carved out of the then Bendel State, and is in the south-south geo-political zone of Nigeria.

It is one of the newest states in Nigeria as it was created in 1991.

The capital city of Delta state is Asaba, and the state is bordered by Edo, Anambra, Ondo, Bayelsa, and Rivers states.

Delta state cultures are similar to that of the Edo, Igbo, and Yoruba tribes.

It’s worth mentioning that some Delta people are referred to as Delta Igbos.

Also note that Urhobo, Itsekiri, and Isoko are the common languages spoken in Delta state.

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Local Government Areas in Delta State

There are 25 Local Government Areas in Delta State, which are:

  • Aniocha North
  • Aniocha South
  • Burutu
  • Bomadi
  • Ethiope East
  • Ethiope West
  • Ika North East
  • Ika South
  • Isoko North
  • Isoko South
  • Ndokwa East
  • Ndokwa West
  • Oshimili North
  • Oshimili South
  • Okpe
  • Sapele
  • Ughelli North
  • Ughelli South
  • Ukwuani
  • Uvwie
  • Warri North
  • Warri South
  • And Warri South West

Some of the popular cities in Delta State are Warri, Asaba, Sapele, and Ughelli.

Map of Delta State Showing the Local Government Areas

Beaches and Resorts in Delta State

If you are looking for fun and exciting places to hang out in Delta state, you should consider visiting the beaches and resorts in Delta state.

These beaches and resorts are amongst the beautiful places in Delta state – sure places you want to explore.

Here are the beaches and resorts in Delta state:

Otuogu Beach

At Otuogu beach, you will experience a fantastic sunset view in the distance.

The beach is located in Asaba and is one of the fun places where families and friends go for a cool evening hangout.

You will always see the locals and tourists at this place, and it is more enjoyable during the festive season.

If you’re looking for the most beautiful place in Delta State, you might want to go for this place.

Abraka Country Club

Many visitors, tourists and residents use Abraka Country Club as a getaway place when in Delta state.

The country club has a serene environment and lush vegetation that appeals to everyone and gives a sense of comfort.

The place gives you a clear crystal water view that massages your soul and soothes your mind.

A visit to this amazing place is a journey worth making.

Oghara Beach

The weather at Oghara is always seemingly perfect, and people go there to relax and enjoy the comfort that nature brings.

You will see people relaxing, playing games, and making merry at this beach.

The beach serves as an escape from the harsh reality of life, and we recommend you explore this place when you are in Delta state.

Eku Beach

The Eku beach is known as Shiloh Beach Resort and Apartment, but it is called Eku Beach because of its location.

You can find all features you need for comfort at this place as it has apartments for you to lodge and enjoy the fantastic view the place offers.

It is a top tourist attraction in Delta state and one you should visit for a wonderful time.

Festivals in Delta State

If you do not know, Delta state is a land of festivity and celebrations, and this article won’t be complete without highlighting popular Delta state festivals.

The festivals in Delta state are:

Ineor Ekensu Festival

This is a five days celebration that takes place in Asaba city of Delta State.

It is an avenue for warriors to show off their skills as it involves war dances and other cultural displays.

Itsekiri Boat Regatta Festival

Being a riverine state, you should expect festivities involving boats and water.

This particular festival involves sailing around the Naija Delta and takes place once every two years.

It’s a famous festival in the Niger Delta and attracts people from different places.

Ukwata Festival

This festival is peculiar to the Abbi people of the state who are into agriculture.

It is the celebration of farming activities and takes place at the end of February every year.

If you’re in the city at this time, you might want to use the opportunity to interact with the indigenes.

Oli Oma Festival

Everyone is used to celebrating Mothers.

However, this festival celebrates mothers in a unique way.

It is a mother’s day celebration for deceased mothers.

People pay respect by dedicating some of their farm produce to mothers who are no more.

Interesting, isn’t it?

These and much more are the numerous festivals in Delta state.

Restaurants in Delta State

When you are in a new state, one of the first thoughts is places where you can get the best food.

Since we do not know your exact location in the state, we would highlight some restaurants across cities in Delta state.

Some restaurants in Delta state:

PLAY et DINE (Effurun)

It is awesome to find a place where people are creative with food.

This place is that place you want to have a nice meal.

Located at Effurun in Warri city of Delta state, this restaurant is known for its topnotch breakfast meals.

It has a casual setting with reasonable pricing that plays a role in its high patronage.

The Rodinia Restaurant and Bar

This place is a restaurant in Asaba with a provision for a bar.

Asides from its delicious meals, you also get to hang out with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful view of Asaba.

If you are looking for women, you can find them at this place.

Oreng’s Street Treats – Shawarma Bar & Video Game Lounge

If you want to mingle and meet new friends in Warri, this is the place for you to be.

The place has many attractions to keep you occupied for as much as you want.

The game lounge is exciting and addictive, and you will get the best shawarma in Warri.

Places to Visit in Delta State

There are many fun places in Delta State open for your exploration.

The state is filled with beautiful places and interesting things to do.

There is no dull moment in the state if you’re a lover of fun and lifestyle.

Delta State Places of Attraction include;

Effurun Garden Park

The Effurun garden park is located at the airport road in Warri and is a relaxation spot for many in the city.

It is usually bubbly during the weekends and is a place where both tourists and residents go to have a good time.

Kwale Game Reserve

The Kwale Game Reserve is a rainforest in Kwale that attracts tourist when they are in Delta state.

The game reserve is intriguing and captivating with reptiles and water animals crawling all over.

If you have never gotten a chance to explore nature before, you should do so at this Kwame Game Reserve.

You get to experience nature at its most natural form.

Nelson Mandela Gardens

Your stay in Asaba, the capital city of Delta state will not be complete if you do not visit Nelson Mandela Gardens.

The garden is structured like a resort and relaxation spot for your pleasure.

It is also children friendly and is one of the best places to have fun with your family in Delta State.

If you’re looking for fun places for kids, this is the place to be.

Araya Bible Site

Many Christians frequent the Araya Bible Site in Delta State because it houses the copy of a Bible which they believe descended from heaven in August 1914.

This place is said to have some spiritual powers and is a place you should visit to see for yourself.

Other tourist attractions in Delta State include:

  • Mungo Park House, River Ethiope
  • The Nana’s Palace, and much more.

Conclusion on Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Delta State

If you are part of those who mistake Delta state for Edo state, we hope that this article aids in clarification as the tourist attractions in Edo state are not the same as the ones in Delta State.

Delta state has numerous potentials for tourism.

We hope that this article on top tourist attractions and things to do in Delta state will serve as a starting guide to exploring the state.

If you’re visiting Delta state, where will you visit first?

Have you visited any of the locations?

How was your experience?

Tell us in the comment section.

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