Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do in Bayelsa State

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do in Bayelsa State
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New in Bayelsa State or planning to visit? This article on top tourist attractions and things to do in Bayelsa State highlights the state’s tourist attractions & top things to do.

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do in Bayelsa State

Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do in Bayelsa State – Introduction

Bayelsa State is one of the states in Nigeria that falls under the Niger Delta region.

The state is between Rivers State and Delta State and is amongst the newest states in Nigeria as it was carved out from Rivers State in 1996.

The capital city of this state is Yenagoa, and the official language is English, although some parts speak Ijaw, pidgin, and Urhobo.

It is tempting to overlook this state as it is amongst the smallest states in Nigeria; however, there are many fun places in Yenagoa and the state in general to explore.

This reason is why this post will be discussing the top tourist attractions and top things to do in Bayelsa State.

You can check this for the top tourist attractions and top things to do in Akwa Ibom.

Some people often mistake Bayelsa State with Benue State because of their name similarity, but you need to know that the cities in Benue State are different from those in Bayelsa.

Bayelsa State is known for its crude oil as it has one of the largest crude oil and natural gas deposits in Nigeria. The state is amongst the oil-producing states in Nigeria.

If you are looking to visit this state or you’re a corper asking, ‘Is Bayelsa a good place to serve?’ we assure you that you will have a splendid time as there are many tourist attractions in Bayelsa state that are fun places to explore.

This state is not a big one, but it will give you a fulfilling experience.

Local Governments in Bayelsa State

There are only 8 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Bayelsa State, making navigation around the state easy for tourists.

Here is the list of Local Governments in Bayelsa State:

  • Yenagoa
  • Brass
  • Ekeremor
  • KolokumaOpokuma
  • Nembe
  • Ogbia
  • Sagbama
  • Southern Ijaw

After Yenagoa, Brass is the next largest and urbanized LGA in Bayelsa State.

Bayelsa State Map

Bayelsa State Map
Source: Green White Green

Hotels In Bayelsa State.

The first thing a tourist is on the lookout for when in a new state or city is the hotels it has to offer.

After all, accommodation is paramount.

Some of the best hotels in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State are:

  • Golden Tulip Hotel Yenagoa
  • Amba Hotels Limited Yenagoa
  • La Gold Hotels & Suites Yenagoa
  • Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa
  • 144 Suites Luxury Hotel

And so many other hotels in Yenagoa and Bayelsa State at large.

If you lodge in any of these places, you will have a fantastic experience.

Beaches in Bayelsa State

With accommodation settled, the next step is to look at the fun places in Yenagoa and Bayelsa State.

If there is anything that gets the interest of tourists, it is beaches.

Thankfully, Bayelsa State has its fair share of beaches.

Here is a list of some of the beaches in Bayelsa State:

Okpoama-Brass Beach

It is a public beach in the state where you can relax and have a fun time.

The Okpoama beach is the longest beach in Bayelsa State and is located at the bank of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you visit the beach during the Christmas season, you may be in luck to experience the yearly Christmas fiesta that takes place at the beach.

During this fiesta, there are usually on-going parties of football matches, volleyball games and other interesting games that’ll catch your interest.

The beach is a sand beach, thus, the shores are washed clean and pure by the gentle waves from the ocean.

There is an airstrip at one end of the beach to cater to tourists who desire to travel by air to or from the wonderful Bayelsa state beach.

Odioma Beach

It is in Brass Local Government Area in Bayelsa State and a public beach.

There is usually unlimited fun at this place.

Bayelsa Ferry Terminal and Resorts, Yenagoa

Bayelsa Ferry Terminal and Resorts, Yenagoa is in Nembe Local Government in Bayelsa State and is a lovely sight.

You will have a fun time at this place.

Many times, when graduates are posted to serve in this state, they get scared because it is not amongst the popular states in Nigeria. The most popular question they ask is, ‘Is Bayelsa State a good place to do my NYSC?’

The goal of NYSC is to learn new things, and the culture of Bayelsa is intriguing for you to explore.

We recommend this state as one of the best places to do your NYSC in Nigeria. It might not be up to the expectation of what you will get in a highly urbanized state, but it will be a pleasant experience.

Best Tourist Attractions in Bayelsa State

Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Bayelsa State:

Asters Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

This is a lounge in Yenagoa, the capital city of Bayelsa State.

You will notice that this is a popular bar as it is where the people relax after the activities of the day.

It has a variety of drinks, and the energy is always contagious.

They provide the perfect tunes to ensure that the vibes at the bar stay high.

We recommend you visit Asters Lounge when you are in Bayelsa State.

Asters is located along Isaac Boro Expressway Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Kontiki Amusement Park and Resort, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

This is an exciting place as amusement parks can put people in high spirits.

Here, you do not need to be shy of letting loose your inner child as everyone you will see everyone around doing the same thing.

It also allows you to mingle with the people of the state, and you will establish useful connections.

Some people refer to this park as the best amusement park in Niger Delta.

The park is located at No 12 Mein Boulus Street, by TB referral Hospital Yenegwe, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Ox-Bow Lake Bayelsa

This is a fantastic place to visit, and it has won the hearts of many foreigners.

It has the perfect ambiance for relaxation, and you get to enjoy rides on a cruise boat.

It is also an ideal location to enjoy the state’s cuisines as there are many local kitchens at this lake.

The Ox-bow Lake is located at a corner of Yenagoa town and is a beauty to behold.

The lake has a neatly tarred road that leads to a wide circular platform at its edge. Along this road, are several barbecue, suya and drink vendors. These vendors are positioned with well arranged chairs and tables – all set to help you enjoy your time at the lakeside.

The rich and the powerful of the state visit the lakeside often for relaxation and merriment.

A visit to the lake will help you confirm that the lake, with its serene and lush vegetation, is a natural and enchanting attraction to behold.

There is never a dull moment at Ox-Bow Lake.

Peace Park Bayelsa State 

Bayelsa state has the reputation of being one of the calm states in Nigeria, so it is no surprise that one of its tourist attractions is named Peace Park.

The Peace Park in Bayelsa State is a wide body of water specially made to facilitate tourism potentials. It’s located close to the government secretariat and seat of power and is a tourist attraction in Bayelsa State.

The park serves as an amusement park and as a relaxation center and its strategic position at the center of the state capital, Yenagoa, makes it easy to be located.

You can ride boats, water bikes and enjoy other fun water games and activities.

There are hotels in Bayelsa state near the park where tourists can lodge after a fun time.

For hangouts and family time, Peace Park is amongst the top choices of residents in the state.

Akassa Lighthouse

This is one place of interest of many tourists as it gives an insight into how Bayelsa State waded off intruders back in the days.

The lighthouse was built in 1910. However, it was relocated to its present location in 1912. The lighthouse is located close to the seaside in Akassa, and is about 60 meters tall.

This makes it one of the tallest lighthouses in West Africa.

The lighthouse was built to serve as a guide to distant ships, to help them dock at the inland port. It helped navigators as they approached shallow waters at the town.

What served the needs of sailors in the distant past now serves the purpose of tourism in Bayelsa state today.

Everything about this place will raise your curiosity.


We cannot deny that food is essential, so we add Pizzeria Bayelsa to the list of tourist attractions in Bayelsa State.

Pizzeria is located at Da Hutz by INEC Junction, Isaac-Boro Expressway, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

The location is safe and you can get pizzas of different varieties and kinds

There is always upbeat energy at this pace, and the meals are sumptuous. 

Kclamola Lounge 

If you are looking to hang out at a fun place in Yenagoa, this is the perfect location.

This place is popular for providing the best nightlife experience in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. It’s an entertainment and relaxation center in Yenagoa and is the perfect spot to relax and unwind from the day’s stress.

It is in a safe area, and the services are topnotch. There are no regrets when you visit this place.

Akassa Slave Transit Camp and Tunnel

If you want to learn more about the slave era, you should visit it.

It is in Brass LGA in Bayelsa State.

It was a slave camp where slaves were shipped off to America and the Caribbean during the slave trade.

The houses were made of irons and solid bricks and had restraining chains that were used to hold slaves as they waited shipment.

You will see all these visible at the site, just like you’ll see the tunnel through which slaves were taken away.

Conclusion on Top Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do in Bayelsa State

The pictures of Bayelsa State and Yenagoa city photos you see online do not do justice to how much the state offers.

We hope that this article will serve as a guide for you whenever you visit the state.

If you want to know more about Bayelsa State while in the state, you can start by visiting the Bayelsa State Library, visiting the Bayelsa State Website, or using the Bayelsa State map. 

We hope this piece on top tourist attractions and top things to do in Bayelsa State will open your eyes to the excellent wonders of this state.

Safe trip as you visit.

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