Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Edo State

Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Edo State
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In this article, we’ll discuss the top tourist attractions and things to do in Edo State. So if you’re thinking of visiting Edo State or is new in the city, you might want to sit back and give yourself a ride. 

Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Edo State
Map showing major towns in Edo State

Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Edo State – An Introduction

Edo state is a famous state in Nigeria due to its cultural and historical heritage.

The state is a south-south Nigerian state with four major ethnic groups – Bini, Esan, Owan, and Etsako, and has its capital as Benin City.

There are many indigenous languages in Edo State, such as Edo, Izon, Etsako, Esan.

Benin city is known globally as one of the Europeans’ foremost destinations during their exploration of the African continent many centuries ago.

The economy of this state is on average, and the state has numerous places of attraction, which is why it is a top tourist attraction in Nigeria.

You cannot talk about tourism in Nigeria without mentioning Edo state.

The state has mineral resources like limestone and quarry and also has some reputable places of attraction.

Local Governments in Edo State

There are 18 local government areas in Edo state.

The Local Government Areas in Edo State are:

  • Akoko-Edo
  • Egor
  • Esan Central
  • Esan North-East
  • And Esan South-East
  • Esan West
  • Etsako Central
  • Etsako East
  • And Etsako West
  • Igueben
  • Ikpoba-Okha
  • Oredo
  • Orhionmwon
  • Ovia North-East
  • Ovia South-West
  • Owan East
  • Owan West
  • Uhunmwonde

Benin City

Benin City is the capital of Edo state.

Not only is it the capital, but it is also the largest town in the state.

The city has a traditional ruler known as the Oba of Benin and many long to visit the Oba of Benin’s Palace when they are in the city.

There are many stories on the history of Benin City, and these stories will keep you occupied when you are in the city.

The different accounts are usually intriguing, and you just need to visit the National Museums and the Oba’s palace to find artifacts and stories about the city.

In schools nationwide, students are taught about the Bini Arts.

The Binis are cultural people known for their bronze sculpture, casting skills, and arts and craft.

While in Benin, you might want to check out the interesting places and best places to live in Benin.

Best Places to Live in Benin.

Some of the best places to live in Benin City are:

  • GRA – Iyama
  • Ugbor
  • Ikpoba Hill
  • Ekenwa
  • Sokpanoba
  • Apapava
  • Iyaro
  • Dwasin

If you ever think of living in Benin City permanently, it should be in one of these areas.

Hotels in Benin City

If you are in Benin City temporarily, it would be best to lodge in a comfortable hotel that would be stress-free.

To help make your search for Benin’s best hotels easy, we highlight some of the good ones below.

Here are some Hotels in Benin City

De Brit Hotel Benin City

This hotel is at a central point in the city, making it easy for you to access places.

Many people say that the food at this place is the most amazing they have ever gotten at a hotel.

It has many services in place to ensure your comfort. It offers you, class, at reasonable pricing.

Poshlux Executive Hotel

The services at this place are fabulous as the staff strives hard to ensure that all customers are offered the best and would not have a cause for any regret.

It is a safe and conducive environment for all and will help you relax while in the city.

Protea Hotel Benin City

If you are looking for a high-class hotel in Benin City, this is one of the best you will find.

It has a lot of amenities in place to provide satisfaction and give you value for your money.

The place is well guarded to ensure security, and its ambiance is perfect for serenity.

Delano Hotel and Suites

This is one of the best hotels any tourist can stay as it is not far from the national museum.

It also has many amenities for relaxation in place, like a swimming pool and restaurant.

Their goal is to ensure that you do not go out to look for anything. It is a beautiful and comfortable place to stay in Benin City.

Restaurants in Benin City

When in Benin City, it’s natural to look for the best places where you can enjoy delicious means.

Some of the best restaurants in Benin City are:

  • SoundBar Café
  • Mat-Ice
  • Chicken Republic
  • Kateri’s Bamboo House
  • Emirate Lounge & Restaurant
  • Royal China Restaurant
  • Sweet Mouth
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Kada Fried Chicken
  • Cue Restaurant
  • Amongst others

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Beaches in Edo State

You cannot talk about hang-out fun or the top things to do in Edo state without mentioning the beach.

Many people find happiness and solace by being at the beach and having fun with friends and family.

Here are some of the beaches in Edo state

Monoriver Beach

The monoriver is located in Edo state and flows from Togo, a border country.

There are village settlements around the river, and the people are nice.

For a lovely view and a pleasant tourism experience, you should visit this place whenever you are in Benin City.

Besides the monoriver beach, there are no other beaches in the city.

Many tourists do not know about the Monoriver beach, and beach lovers miss out on it when they are in Benin City.

Tourist Attractions in Edo State

As earlier stated, Edo state is known for its culture and many tourist attractions.

Here are the top tourist attractions in Edo state:

Oba of Benin Palace Edo

The Oba of Benin is famous, and his palace is one of the top tourist attractions in Edo state.

Besides its beauty, the palace houses humanmade arts and crafts that depict the history of the state.

The Oba’s Palace is listed amongst the UNESCO Heritage sites.

The original building was destroyed during the war but has been rebuilt. It is open to tourists, especially curators, archaeologists, and historians.

Ogba Zoo, Benin City

Ogba zoo has been in existence for a long time. It is owned by the state government and houses many species of animals.

Not only is it a top tourist attraction in Edo State, but it is amongst the top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

This zoo is a place you should visit if you’re a lover of animals.

Ososo Tourist Center

This place serves as a relaxation spot that gives you an elevated view of the state and can give you a view up to Kogi state.

Its archaeology is intriguing and can capture your attention enough to make you forget time.

Okomu National Park

This was once a large place.

Sadly, villages are expanding and encroaching into it. Thus, it has shrunk in size.

The national park has rich vegetation and houses some endangered species. It is a great place to visit when you are in Edo state.

Emotan Statue

The legend of Emotan is one that you cannot miss when you are in Edo state, as she played a considerable role in the development of the state.

In her honor and remembrance, a statue was erected at the Oba’s market for her.

Conclusion on Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Edo State

There are a lot of things to explore when you are in Edo state.

We hope that this article on top tourist attractions and things to do in Edo state will serve as a starting guide.

If you’re visiting Edo state, where will be the first place for you to visit?

Have you visited any of the places?

How was your experience?

Tell us in the comment section.

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