Nigeria Maritime University Delta State; Courses, Admission, Website, All to Know

Maritime University Delta State
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Do you wish to attend Maritime University Delta State or just researching? This article covers everything you need to know about the maritime university and its courses, admission process, etc.

Maritime University Delta State
Maritime University Delta State Gate

Nigeria Maritime University Delta State – An Introduction

Different People have diverse career paths, one of which is the marine industry.

If you love the water bodies and wish to have a related career, a good option for you is to attend a maritime university.

A maritime university or academy is a school that teaches theoretical ocean courses and practical skills useful on the ocean or in maritime related industries.

The difference between this school and a regular university is that all the courses in the maritime university must be related to the ocean and water bodies.

Nigeria Maritime University Okerenkoko Delta State History

Maritime University Okerenkoko, also known as Maritime University Delta State is a maritime university in Nigeria that carries out all the functions of a maritime tertiary institution.

The school was established by the Federal Ministry of Transport acting through the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and became fully functional in 2018. 

The permanent site of the school in Okerenkoko, Delta State is located on the left bank of the Escravos River.

Escravos River is a river that opens into the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for shipping and inland waterborne transportation.

The school is a military university and maritime college and has a regimental unit composed of a Regimental Director and other offices. 

Maritime University Delta State Logo 

Maritime University Delta State Logo
Maritime University Delta State Logo

Two significant factors that stand out in the university’s logo is the name and the motto of the school.

The motto of Maritime University in Delta State is “In Pursuit for Excellence.”

This tells you that the school strives to deliver nothing short of the best to its students always.

The logo has black, white, blue, and red as the colors adorning it, with blue representing the color of the sea. 

Maritime University Okerenkoko Courses, Departments and Faculties 

Courses in Maritime University Okerenkoko are divided into three faculties. 

Faculties in Okerenkoko Maritime University 

Faculties in the maritime university include;

  • Faculty of Transport
  • The Faculty of Engineering 
  • Faculty of Environmental Management 

Courses (Departments) in the maritime university include;

Here is a list of Maritime University Okerenkoko courses:

  • Nautical Science 
  • Transport Logistics Management 
  • Marine Economics and Finance 
  • Port Management 
  • Engineering 
  • Environmental Management and Pollution Control 
  • Meteorology and Climate Change 
  • Fisheries and Agriculture 
  • Marine Geology 

This school awards a Bachelor of Science degree for these courses.

Maritime University Delta State Admission Requirements

  • One significant requirement of any university in Nigeria is JAMB score, and the Federal maritime university is not left out.
  • If you wish to study at Maritime University Okerenkoko, you must write JAMB and have a score of not less than 180, which is the JAMB cut off mark of NMU.
  • To be in the university, you must not be an undergraduate of any other university, 
  • Also, you must have a five credit pass in SSCE, NCE OR GCE. Mathematics and English must be amongst the five credit pass.

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Admission Process

If you have all the Delta Maritime University admission requirements highlighted, you are on your way to securing a place in the school.

However, there are admission processes you pass through.

  • The first step in the admission process of Maritime University Delta State is to get the admission form. You can get this from the school’s website
  • When you are on the website, login into the portal and go to the column of undergraduate admission form.
  • Proceed to fill the form and submit it. 
  • To acknowledge a successful submission, an acknowledgement slip will be sent to your email. You should print it.

Maritime University Delta State School fees

If Maritime University Okerenkoko is your choice school, you sure want to know about their school fees before applying.

Many elements make up the school fees amount for Maritime University Delta state, but some of them are optional.

The compulsory amount paid by new students as Maritime Academy Delta State school fees is 51,500 naira. 

This does not include accommodation which is optional.

The Accommodation fee is 90,000 naira. 

Other optional payments include; 

  • Hostel maintenance
  • I. D card replacement
  • Add and drop courses 

Vice-Chancellor of MU Delta State in 2021

The Vice-Chancellor of Maritime University Delta State in 2021 is Professor Emmanuel Adigio after he was appointed as the VC in June 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Maritime University Delta State 

As additional information, here are some of the FAQs about Maritime University Delta State.

Is Nigerian Maritime University a Military School?

No. Nigerian Maritime University is not a military university but a maritime university in Delta State. However, the school has a regimental unit, composed of a Regimental Director, a Chief Cadet Captain, and more. 

Is Nigerian Maritime University a Federal University?

Yes. The Nigerian Maritime University (NMU) is a federal university established and owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Does Nigeria Maritime University accept direct entry?

Yes, Nigerian Maritime University accepts direct entry students.

If you are using this method, you must provide an SSCE, NECO, or GCE Ordinary Level plus the Higher School Certificate/GCE Advanced Level with passes in two subjects at Principal or Advanced Level together with passes at subsidiary or credit level in three other subjects obtained at not more than two sittings.

Is Nigeria Maritime University accredited?

Nigeria Maritime University is an accredited school. 

The school was accredited in February 2018. So, you should not have any worries about applying to study at this school.

One of the worst things that anyone can do is to attend an unaccredited university.

If you spend years at such a place, it would be wasted efforts as you might not get a certificate. Even if you get one, it might not be legally recognized. 

You should know that the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) regulates all universities in Nigeria.

If any school does not have accreditation from them, you should not enroll in it.

Which Maritime Academy is the best in Nigeria?

The most famous and best Maritime Academy in Nigeria 2020 is the Maritime Academy of Nigeria in Oron.

The academy is not a military school but is owned by the federal government.

The school was established in 1979 and was formerly called the Nautical College of Nigeria.

Its first batch of cadets graduated in 1983. 

The academy’s address is No. 4, College Road, P.M.B 1089, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. 

The official website of the school is

What is Marine Economy and Finance?

Marine Economy and Finance is a course in the faculty of transport in NMU.

The course focuses on how existing material and human resources are used in the maritime industry and how they change and develop over time. 

The aim is to empower and educate students with the zeal to make positive contributions to the development of the nation and world’s economies.

It is almost similar to studying economics and finance in a regular university, but with a different angle of focus. 

What are the Maritime Academies in Nigeria?

There are several maritime academies in Nigeria. Some of them include;

  • Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron
  • Elkins Marine Training International (Nigeria)
  • African Maritime Academy
  • Certified Institute of Shipping of Nigeria
  • Charkin Maritime Academy
  • Coastal Maritime Academy
  • Delta State School of Marine Technology
  • Global Maritime Academy
  • Institute of Marine and Technology Nigeria
  • Institute of Maritime Studies, University of Lagos
  • Merchant Navy Maritime Academy
  • Stars Maritime Academy
  • Crown Maritime Academy
  • Eastern Maritime Academy
  • International Maritime School
  • Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology Lagos

What are the Military Universities and Academies in Nigeria?

The two military universities in Nigeria are;

  • Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) – (First and Most Popular military school in Nigeria)
  • Nigerian Army University, Biu (Second and Newest Military University in Nigeria)

Other Military schools in Nigeria include;

  • Nigerian Military School Zaria
  • The Nigerian Army School of Public Relations and Information (NASPRI)
  • Nigerian Army School Of Military Engineers
  • Air Force Institute of Technology Kaduna
  • Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies

Final Thoughts on Nigeria Maritime University Delta State

That is it.

Everything you need to know about the maritime university in Delta State.

We hope this article on Maritime University Delta State and everything you need to know to equip you the information you need.

If you found this helpful or have any questions, kindly use the comment section.

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