How to Check My Glo Number with USSD (2021); All Codes for Glo Network

How to Check My GLO Number with USSD
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Do you want to know how to check your Glo phone number? If your answer is yes, then this article is just for you, as it discusses various ways to check your phone number on Glo.

Have a good read. 

How to Check my Glo Number – An Introduction 

Glo is one of the biggest telecommunications networks in Nigeria and Africa.

Every Glo customer is assigned a unique Glo phone number through which they can communicate with other people on the same network and other networks. 

Everyone should know their Glo phone numbers by heart, however, it is possible to forget them sometimes.

Maybe you just got the SIM and you’re not accustomed to the number yet, or you’re missing some numbers for some reason.

Don’t panic just yet.

There are ways to check your phone number on Glo.

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How to Check Glo number

Many people suddenly can’t find an answer when they ask themselves the question, “How to check my Glo number on my phone.”

At the moment, the question might look complex, but there are simple ways to know your Glo number. 

Method 1 on how to check your Glo number

Pay attention to this technique if you want to know how to check number on Glo. 

  • Insert the SIM card whose phone number you want to check in a phone
  • Dial 1244 from the line
  • Carefully listen to the automatic system voice for your Glo number and write it down somewhere. 

That’s all! Doing a Glo number check with 1244 is as easy as it gets. 

Method 2 on how to know Glo number

This second method on how to get your Glo number will require a USSD code.

Yes, it is possible to use a code to check Glo number. So, if you are looking for a code to check your Glo number, here is how. 

Simply dial *135*8#.

The next message or prompt you will get on your screen should be your Glo mobile phone number.

That USSD is the code to get Glo number and it works every time. 

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Method 3 on how to get Glo number

This method on how to check your number on Glo is quite simple but it can be stressful.

In this case, all you have on how to check phone number on Glo is dial 121, which is the Glo customer care line.

It may take a while before you get a reply from a customer care service agent, but in the end, you will get your phone number. 


Many people ask themselves questions like “How to find my Glo number,” “What is the code to check my Glo number,” or “How to view my Glo number.”

The answers to these questions are pretty much simple.

Here they are:

  • Dial 1244 and wait for the automatic system voice to call out your number
  • Dial *135*8# and wait for a message containing your Glo number
  • Contact a Glo customer care representative and request your Glo number. 

As you can see these methods for how to check Glo phone number are quite straightforward. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Glo Shortcodes and More

How do I know my Glo number?

When many Glo users find out that they’ve suddenly forgotten their phone numbers, they hurriedly go online to a search engine and type keywords such as “how to know my Glo number” or “code for checking Glo number.”

Well, if you did, then you were led to the right place.

You are about to find out how to check ur Glo number.

Sit tight. 

Here are the three methods of checking your Glo phone number (it includes a method to use USSD to check Glo number).

  • Contact a Glo customer care representative and request for your Glo number 
  • Dial *135*8# and wait for a message containing your Glo number
  • . Dial 1244 and wait for the automatic system voice to call out your number

Checking your phone number on Glo is that simple. 

What is Glo USSD code?

Glo USSD is a string of numbers typically with a * symbol to the left and # to the right e.g. *777#, that activate certain services on Glo lines.

There are many Glo USSD codes out there and they each serve different purposes. 

Here are some Glo service codes and what they work for:

  • *777# to subscribe to any Glo data plan
  • *321# to borrow data or airtime
  • *124# to check your account balance
  • *230# to subscribe to Glo YAKATA
  • *127*0# to check your data balance
  • *100*9*2# to migrate to Friends & Family Glo list
  • *101*1*Mobile number# to add 10 frequently called family and friends
  • *135*8# to check your phone number
  • *127*01*(friend’s number)# to add a number for data sharing 
  • *127*02*(friend’s number)# to remove a number from data sharing 
  • *127*00# to generate a list of people sharing your subscription
  • *127*(USSD_Plan_Number)*(friend’s number)# to gift data plan
  • *805# to buy data and credit through your bank (Universal code)

How can I activate my Glo number?

To activate your new or old Glo sim, simply insert the old or new Glo Sim into a phone and dial *170*12#.

That’s all.

You will receive a message that says you have successfully activated your SIM and are now able to browse and make calls with it. 

How do I check my Glo balance?

There are two balances you may want to check on Glo: Airtime balance and Data balance.

There are different ways to check for each. 

For Airtime Balance

Simply dial *124# on a phone with the line whose balance you want to check.

You should receive a message within a couple of seconds or minutes with the details of your airtime balance.

For Data Balance

This is how to check Glo data balance. Pay attention. 

  • To check your Glo data balance via SMS, simply send INFO as a message to 127. You will receive a message within a couple of seconds or minutes with the details of your data balance.
  • You can also use code to check Glo data. To check your Glo data balance via USSD/code, simply dial *127*0#. You can also check your Glo data balance via USSD by dialing *777#, then select your current data plan, and select “Manage data.” 

The two Glo data balance codes are *127*0# and *777#.

In both cases, you will receive a message within a couple of seconds or minutes with the details of your data balance. 

How to activate your deactivated Glo line

If you’re wondering “How can I activate my deactivated Glo line?” This is for you. 

Glo line deactivation often happens when you haven’t used the Glo line for any activity in a long while.

If this happens to you, and you need the Glo line, there’s a way to get your line functional once again.

Visit a Glo office with the following:

  • Some money (about 100 naira) and the SIM pack with 5 frequently dialed numbers. 
  • A valid means of identification 
  • The SIM pack or other evidence of purchase/ownership of the SIM. An affidavit attesting to the ownership and loss of the SIM may suffice if the initial requirement is unavailable. 
  • National Identity Number (NIN)

You will be guided on the rest of the process when you get to the Glo office. 

How do I Unhide my Glo number?

To understand this, you have to know how to hide your Glo number.

Hiding your Glo number is done with the code #31#. Simply add this code to the phone number you want to call.

For example, if you want to call 08078373882, and you want to hide your Glo number, simply dial it as #31#08078373882.

By the time your call goes through, the other person won’t know who it is, because your identity will be hidden. 

To unhide your Glo number, simply call the number the normal way, i.e. without the #31# code. 

How do I activate Glo 4G?

Glo 4G is a fast generation of broadband cellular network tech available on the Glo network.

It is an upgrade to the previous generations (2G and 3G).

Glo 4G is compatible with almost every smartphone, and most times, it automatically activates when inserted into a compatible phone. 

To check if your phone is compatible with Glo 4G, simply text 4G as a text message to 400. 

The message you will receive will tell you if your phone is compatible or not. 

How can I get free credit on Glo SIM?

The best way to get free credit on a Glo SIM is to benefit from a bonus or promo.

Currently, the network promises 6X the first recharge of customers who haven’t used their Glo SIM cards in over 30 days.

So, find a Glo Sim that has been out of use for at least 30 days and make your first recharge on it count, because it will be multiplied by 6. 

There are other tariff plans on Glo that also give subscribers bonus airtime.

How can I double my data on Glo?

To double your data on Glo, simply opt for the Glo Double Data promo.

It is a promo offer that gives new Glo users a bonus of 125% on data subscriptions.

This means if you are a new Glo user and you buy data of 6 gigabytes, you will be getting 13.5 gigabytes, which is more than double. 

The double data promo has no limitations. You can use it for any app, on any browser, and any internet-supporting device.

Which Glo plan gives more data?


The Glo YAKATA plan gives its new Glo users 6 gigabytes of data every month for 6 months, making a total of 36 gigabytes.

During and after these 6 months, the Glo YAKATA data plan offers more insane data deals and packages that no other plans can match. 

The Glo YAKATA code for migration is *230#. You can confirm the migration to Glo YAKATA by dialing *100#.

How do I reactivate my old SIM card?

Recently, the Federal Government removed the ban on activating/re-activating SIM Cards in Nigeria.

This means that it is once again possible to reactivate your SIM Card.

To do this, simply visit a major office/outlet of any of the networks you use (MTN, GLO, 9mobile, or Airtel).

You will be required to present your NIN and proof of ownership of the SIM before you can proceed with deactivation.

You will also need a valid means of identification like a driver’s license, international passport, or national identity card.

How can I get Glo Customer Care fast?

Waiting on a Glo customer care representative to pick up and answer your complaints or help with an issue can be quite frustrating.

Sometimes, you have to wait for several minutes and at the end of the day, the call cuts by itself.

It is not your fault.

If there’s anyone in the position to fix that, it is the Glo telecommunications network itself. 

There’s no official way of getting Glo customer care representative to pick up fast.

You just have to keep on trying and hope that they do.

How do I know if my SIM card is deactivated?

The signs of a deactivated SIM card are quite obvious.

Basically, you won’t able to make or receive calls or texts on that line.

You also won’t be able to buy data or browse with the line.

When your SIM gets deactivated, it becomes useless until you find a way to get it activated. 

How do I reactivate my mobile number?

Reactivating a mobile number, no matter the network can be quite simple.

All you have to do is visit any major office of your mobile network and apply for SIM reactivation.

To do this, however, you will be required to provide your NIN and proof of ownership of the line as well as a valid means of identification.

Can you reuse a deactivated SIM card?


All you have to do is visit a major outlet of your mobile network (GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile, or MTN) and request for a reactivation.

After the SIM is reactivated, you can start to use it once again.

How long does an inactive SIM last?

180 days

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), SIMs are national resources.

As such, telecommunication companies have the right to reassign inactive SIMs to new users after 180 days. 

Many Nigerians have lost their SIMs by losing their phones through theft, damage, or forgetting it somewhere.

Sometimes, since the SIM card is small, removing it from a phone makes it easy to misplace.

If you have misplaced your Glo SIM and it is very important to you, what you need to do is Glo SIM retrieval.  

Glo SIM retrieval offers an opportunity to start using the same line and number as before. For most, it is a better option than purchasing and registering a new Glo SIM. 

This is the process of how to retrieve Glo SIM

  1. Visit a Gloworld office or outlet and request for SIM retrieval
  2. You will be given a SIM replacement form to fill. The form will request certain information such as 3 or 5 phone numbers you call frequently on the SIM, the phone number, mother’s maiden name, last recharge amount, and many more basic details. 
  3. After confirming your details, the Glo customer care agent at the office should hand you a new SIM pack. However, you will need to pay a retrieval fee of 100 naira before you receive the SIM pack. 

Note: If you cannot remember any of the details you’re asked in the form, just skip it instead of giving false or unsure information. 

Bring the following items with you: 

  • Valid means of identification: Driver’s license, National ID card, Voter’s card, or International Passport. 
  • The SIM pack of the lost SIM or any other legitimate evidence of purchase/ownership of the SIM. If you can’t provide this, then an affidavit or police report attesting to your ownership and loss of the SIM should suffice. 
  • National Identity Number (NIN)

How can I do Nigerian phone number lookup?

You can look up quite a number of Nigerian phone numbers by visiting Nigerian Phonebook.

This service covers all the telecommunications networks in Nigeria. You should be able to search and verify phone numbers on the website.

What is the Glo call me back code? 

To send a free message saying “Please, call me back” on Glo, simply dial *125*RECIPIENT NUMBER#, e.g. *125*08033334444#.

Your message will be delivered to the recipient within a matter of seconds or in some cases, within a minute or two.

This is the simple method on how to send call me back on Glo.

What is the code for Glo balance inquiry? 

  • To check Glo airtime balance, simply dial *124#. A message containing your airtime details will be sent to you within seconds. Now you know how to check account balance on Glo SIM. 
  • For checking Glo data balance, simply dial *127*0#. Another code to check Glo data balance is *777#. Simply dial the number, select your current data plan, and select “Manage data.” In both cases, a message with your data balance will be sent to you within seconds. 

What is Glo SIM swap?

Glo SIM swap is a feature that allows Glo users who have misplaced their SIM cards to get their lines back from the comfort of their homes.

It also works for damaged SIM cards. 

Subscribers will be given a new PIN after proper authentication at the Gloworld outlet, alongside a new SIM.

They can then initiate the SIM-Swap process by dialing *305*PIN#. 

What is Glo message center number?

The Glo message center number is +2348050001501. 

A message center number comes in handy when you are having issues with sending text messages to other phone numbers. To fix the issue with your Glo message center number, do the following:

  1. Open the message app on your phone
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on More settings
  4. Select Text Messages
  5. Click on the Glo SIM card option
  6. Enter the Glo message center number in the space provided and click on Okay
  7. Restart your phone and try sending the message again. 

How to share data on Glo

Glo data sharing is a feature that allows a single person to share data subscriptions with multiple people on the network.

It is a great innovation and quite simple to execute, but sadly many people don’t know how to go about it. 

Here’s the process of sharing data on Glo:

You have to start by adding the people you want to share your subscription with.

To do this, dial *127*01*(friend’s number)# or send “Share (friend’s number)” to 127.

Example: Dial *127*01*080533333333# or Send Share 08033333333 to 127.

How to share Glo data is that simple!

Removing people from your list or is equally simple too.

This is also how to unshare data on Glo.

To remove a phone number from your list of beneficiaries, simply dial *127*02*(friend’s number)# or send “Remove (friend’s number)” to 127.

For example Dial *127*02*080533333333# or send Remove 080533333333 to 127. 

To check the list of people on your list, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127. 

How to check Glo balance 

You might want to check either Glo data balance or airtime balance. How to check both will be highlighted here:

  • To check Glo data balance, simply dial *127*0#. Another method is to dial *777#, select your current data plan, and select “Manage data.” In both cases, a message with your data balance will be sent to you within seconds. 
  • To check your Glo data balance, you can also try sending INFO to 127. Glo will send you a message with details of your data balance, including your bonuses and time of expiry. 
  • If you want to check airtime balance on Glo, all you have to do is dial *124#. Glo will send you a message with your airtime details, including your bonuses. 

What is the Glo recharge code?

The Glo recharge code/ussd is *123*.

If you want to recharge your Glo line, simply dial *123*15-digit number#. 

How to borrow airtime from Glo

Borrowing airtime from Glo is quite simple. If you are sure that you are eligible to borrow airtime, simply dial *321*pin*amount#. For example, if you want to borrow 100 naira, simply dial *321*4321*100#.

Any amount borrowed will be deducted immediately from your next recharge. 

How to transfer airtime on Glo

The Glo share and sell feature makes it possible and easy to transfer airtime on Glo.

To transfer airtime on Glo, you will need to generate a transfer PIN which will serve as your security code in conduction transfers.

Every Glo line has a default PIN, but it is advisable to change this pin.

To do this, simply dial *132*default code*new transfer code*new transfer code#. 

If you want to change your default pin (0000) to a 2456, dial *132*00000*2456*2456#. 

You can also use this method to change from an old pin to a new one.

All you have to do is swap the default transfer code with the old one. 

Now that your pin is set, it should be easy to transfer airtime on Glo.

Simply dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#.

For example, to transfer 100 naira to 080533333333 and your pin is 2456 dial *131*080533333333*100*2456#.

Note that this will only work for Glo to Glo transfers.

How to load Glo card

Recharging your Glo line using a card is kind of old-school, but it is still possible.

Here’s the process on how to load Glo card:

1. Buy the Glo recharge card from a shop in the area. 

2. Depending on the type you buy, you may need to scratch a silver panel to reveal a 15-digit code. You don’t need to scratch anything for some. 

3. Recharge your line with the 15-digit code by dialing in this format: *123*PIN#, for example, if the 15 digit pin is 122334455667788, dial it this way: *123*123456789101112#

How to borrow airtime on Glo

To borrow airtime on Glo, dial *321*pin*amount#. If you want to borrow 200 naira airtime for instance, just dial *321*2322*200#.

Remember that Glo will remove a 10% service charge from the borrowed amount and that you cannot use this borrowed airtime for data subscriptions. 

How to migrate to Glo Yakata

The Glo YAKATA data plan is arguably the best data plan on the Glo network.

If you want to migrate to this massive data tariff plan, simply dial *230#.

Dial *100# to confirm if you have successfully migrated. 

How to check Glo Yakata bonus

Glo Yakata is a bumper tariff plan that offers both airtime and data bonuses.

To check your Glo Yakata call bonus, simply dial *230*1#, and a message highlighting your bonus details will be sent to you within seconds. 

To check your Glo Yakata data bonus, check your normal data balance by dialing *777#.

Select 1, which is the buy data option. Next, select 4, the manage data option.

Your full Glo Yakata data bonus will be displayed.

How to check Glo number with code

There’s a simple process on how to know your Glo number with code. Here it is:

To check your Glo number with code, simply dial *135*8#. You will receive a message highlighting your phone number almost immediately. 

Conclusion on how to check my Glo number

Checking your phone number or any other information on Glo is simple. You only have to know the correct codes and messages to send and this article has done justice to that.

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