Ariaria International Market Aba; All You Should Know

Ariaria International Market Aba; All You Need to Know
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Ariaria International Market Aba, Abia State, one of the most popular markets in Nigeria, is famous for many things.

What’s the border between myth and fact?

This post highlights all you need to know about the famous market.

Ariaria International Market Aba; All You Need to Know
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Ariaria International Market Aba – An Introduction

Aba is a popular city in Nigeria.

The city is home to many industrial zones, amongst which is the popular Ariaria market. 

If you’re a tourist and wondering, “Where is Aba located?” It may interest you to know that Aba is located in Abia State, a state with many tourist attractions you may love to explore.

Ariaria International Market, which is an open-air market, is not only one of the largest markets in Nigeria, it is also one of the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Due to its multifaceted structure and operation, the market bears the nickname – “China of Africa.”

Join us as we take you through all you need to know about the Ariaria International Market Aba.

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History and Structure of Ariaria International Market

Ariaria International Market was established in 1976.

The market started, following an unfortunate fire outbreak that engulfed the ancient Ekeoha Market in Aba. 

The market was previously located within the swamp-ridden area of the city. This partly necessitated its relocation to its current site, a very large expanse of land in Aba.

The market is home to thousands of traders and cuts across three local government areas; Osisioma, Aba South, and Aba North LGAs of Abia State.

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Major Commodities in Ariaria International Market

As stated earlier, the Aba market is in Abia state and is home to uncountable commodities.

There is no shortage of experts in shoemaking, leather works, tailoring, and so many other handiworks.

Besides that, there are numerous goods you can get in the Aba market.

From wholesale shoes to fabrics, décor materials, etc, the Ariaria market is one market for all goods.

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Shoemaking in Ariaria International Market

The market is the center of shoemaking in Aba and entire Nigeria.

It is home to more than thirty thousand (30,000) shoe makers.

These shoemakers’ artistry has made ‘Aba-made’ shoes gain dominance and recognition over the years. 

They manufacture shoes of all types and grades, with thousands of shoes produced each week and about forty-eight million (48,000,000) pairs produced yearly. 

If you’re looking for where to buy shoes in Nigeria, the Aba Ariaria market is the place to be.

The average price for a pair of shoes in the Ariaria market is about two thousand five hundred naira (N 2,500) only.

Of course, the price skyrockets during the festive seasons. 

‘Powerline’ is one of the clusters in the market with a variety of artisans displaying their assorted footwear. 

Looking for where to buy wholesale shoes in Aba?

Powerline is the place to go.

Whether you’re looking for men’s shoes, female shoes, or Aba made female slippers, the market will meet your needs.

This Aba shoe industry has, over the years, grown to be worth over one hundred billion naira. 

Shoemaking in Ariaria International Market, Aba has reached the point that it enjoys patronage from customers from other African countries and beyond.

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Leather Works in Ariaria International Market

Ariaria International Market also stands out when it comes to leather works. 

Besides the shoes, there are assorted leather bags and other products made by skilled artisans.

There is no shortage of durable leather products in the Ariaria market Aba, as retailers come from various cities and countries to make purchases in the market.

And yes, you can buy wholesale bags in Aba.

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Fabrics and Tailoring Business in Ariaria International Market

One of the reasons you need to visit Ariaria International Market is its fabrics and tailoring reputation.

Besides the numerous tailoring materials sold in the market, the thousands of fashion designers in the market are always ready to meet your clothing needs.

The designs not seen in Ariaria is the design not yet conceived in the mind of any human, anywhere.

Clothing business in Aba is lucrative, and if you buy from the market and resale in other cities, you’ll make a fortune. 


The price of cloth materials in Aba is affordable.

When you walk down the streets in Nigeria, about 7 out of 10 outfits you see people wear originated in Aba and this market. 

There is an unpopular saying that, “give Aba a day and they can replicate any fashion attire you think of.”

This famous saying reflects the skills of tailors in Ariaria International Market Aba.

Ariaria International Market Days of Operation

Aba’s busy market is open for business from Monday through Saturday, 6 am to 6 pm. 

This is part of the guidelines running the market. 

Except for some specific reasons, the market runs uninterrupted during the stipulated dates and time.

Other Markets in Aba

Even though Ariaria International Market is the largest market in Aba, there are other markets.

Some of these markets in Aba are known for some particular commodities, while others are general goods markets. 

The markets in Aba include;

New Market Aba

The Aba new market is the place to go if you’re looking for affordable foodstuffs and second-grade clothes.

The market is popular and frequented by people from different cities outside of the state.

Ekeoha Market (Shopping center) Aba

This is a market in Aba where you can get all types of fabrics.

The market, which is nicknamed, ‘shopping center’ is a center to shop for everything you need.

Cemetery Market Aba

The cemetery market Aba is the place to go for different items, including wines, deodorants, amongst other day-to-day household items.

Alaoji Market Aba

The Alaoji market Aba is popular as a market for car spare parts and anything related to car repairs and maintenance.

You can also give your car a makeover in this market.

Final Words on Ariria International Market, Aba

The Ariaria International Market is the pride of the entire country.

Apart from the reasons mentioned in this piece, there are many other reasons to visit this Aba market. 

The market is a large place.

We recommend you go with someone who knows the market well, especially if it’s your first time.

Have you been to the Ariaria International Market Aba before?

Tell us about your experience and something you’d love to add to this article.

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