NYSC Camp Checklist; Registration Documents & Camping Items Needed

NYSC Camp Checklist; Registration Documents & Camping Items Needed
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If you’ve just received your NYSC Call-up later and wondering about the NYSC camping checklist for the compulsory NYSC 21 days camping, this post outlines and discusses the compulsory and non compulsory documents and items you need for your NYSC camping.

NYSC Camping Checklist – An Introduction

As a Nigerian graduate, when you receive your call-up letter, you will be excited and start preparing to go to the orientation camp you are posted to. However, at the orientation camp, you will spend 21days, and you might not get the chance to go back for any documents or items you leave behind.

So you need to know all the documents and camping items you need for your 21 days compulsory NYSC orientation.

This guide will reveal the complete NYSC camping checklist, and after going through it, you will know everything you are expected to have in preparation for the NYSC orientation program.

Importance of Going to Camp With Required Documents and Items

You should understand how important it is for you to go to the camp with your complete documents and other essential items as you cannot always get them there, or if you can, they will come at a costly rate.

So here is the importance of having the required documents and items at the camp.

  • You will not be allowed to participate in the orientation program if you do not have your complete documents ready.
  • You wouldn’t want to borrow things, especially personal items, from people, so you don’t complicate things for yourself and others. If you are coming from a distant place, it will be almost impossible to go back home for anything you left behind.
  • Coming with all the camping requirements will help you avoid overspending by trying to get them there.
  • With your beverages and cereals, you can have something quick to eat sometimes when you don’t get good food at the camp.
  • Some of these items will help you enjoy your camping days and help you keep your properties safe.

Compulsory NYSC Camp Documentation Requirements for 2022 Registration

It has been the rule that the NYSC camp management has the right to send you back if you do not have complete documents, and if you are from a distant place or another state, this situation will not be funny.

If you forget any of your personal items at home, you can always buy them, but as for the camp documentation requirements, you can’t just get them from anywhere, so you must know everything you need to bring to the camp. Here are the compulsory NYSC orientation camp documentation requirements for 2022 registration.

Final Year ID Card

You must have the original ID card and two photocopies for the NYSC orientation camp registration process. If you don’t have the ID card, your normal school ID will be accepted, but they do not accept a departmental ID card.

NYSC Call-up Letter

It is imperative to go to the orientation camp with your NYSC call up letter. You will receive the NYSC call up letter a few days after the online registration. Please print it out coloured and it should not be laminated. You will need four photocopies and the original of this letter.

Statement of Result

At the NYSC camp you should have your BSc result statement for university graduates or the statement of your HND result for graduates of polytechnics. Make four photocopies and also go with the original. If your BSc or HND certificate is available, you can use it in place of the result statement. Also, for graduates from other countries, you must go with your certificate, not a statement of result.

In addition, if you are submitting your HND result statement, you need to have the statement of your ND result.

Then for medical professionals, you should have a certificate of registration with the council that governs your field of practice, for example, NMC, MLSCN, Pharmacist Board, etc. You also need to have proof that you have completed your internship or housemanship.

Medical Fitness Certificate

Ensure you have two copies of your medical fitness certificate. You can get it from any military clinic or government hospital in Nigeria.

Recent Passport Photograph

You must go to the camp with eight copies of your passport photograph for the registration. The passports should have white background colour. If you can’t get a white background passport, off-white is also accepted.

Uploaded Documents

If you are a foreign-trained graduate, you need the original copies of all the documents you uploaded during the online NYSC registration.

NYSC Green Card

Ensure you go to the camp with your NYSC green card. You will need the original copy and four photocopies. The green card is not a card as the name implies it is a printout you get after completing the online NYSC registration.

Also, the card should be coloured printed and also not laminated. NYSC does not accept laminated documents, so leave them the way they are when you print out all your documents.

Infographics on Compulsory NYSC Camp Documentation Requirement for 2022 Registration


Essential NYSC Camping Checklist of Items You Need

Apart from the required documents you need to take at the NYSC orientation camp, it will be best to note the essential items you need to avoid unplanned spending when trying to buy them there. So here are some of the things you should take to the NYSC orientation camp if you wish to enjoy your stay there.

White T-shirts

The white T-shirt is the outfit you will wear every day during the NYSC orientation camping. NYSC usually provides two T-shirts for all corpers, but those two may not be according to your preference of size and quality, and you might not be comfortable wearing just two shirts for 21days. So it would be best if you went to the camp with your own white round-necked T-shirts.

Mobile Phone

Of course, a mobile phone is important wherever you are, including the NYSC orientation camp. It serves as an easy and efficient channel for communication. You can take so many pictures with your phone and make videos with friends to preserve the memories of your camping experience. And years to come, you will look back at these photos with smiles.

White Shorts

At the NYSC orientation camp, you will also be provided with two pairs of white shorts, which might not be your perfect size. So you should go to the camp with additional white shorts in case you don’t get good ones at the camp.

White Socks and White Tennis Shoes

At the camp, you will be given white socks and white tennis shoes, but it is best you go with extra ones to make cleaning and drying easier for you and just in case something happens to those provided for you.

Tea and Cereals

This is essential because the tea at the camp is always watery. So you can either drink your tea or collect the camp’s tea and add some extra spoons of your milk so it will be thicker. You can also go with some cereals like cornflakes, basically anything you wouldn’t need to cook before eating them is ideal for a great experience at the camp.


Towels, antiseptics, sanitary pads, tissue paper, etc., are some of the essential items necessary to protect you against infections and prevent you from sharing personal items with others at the camp. You want to maintain proper personal hygiene and leave the camp in a healthy don’t you?

Mosquito Net

Nobody wants an illness to ruin their camping experience or get home and become sick after camping, so a mosquito net is vital at the camp to keep out mosquitoes and some other insects far away from you.


Ensure to get a rechargeable torchlight when going to the NYSC camp because there will not always be availability of electricity at the camp.

Waist Pouch

A waist pouch or bag is vital at the NYSC orientation camp; it will help you ensure your personal items are not stolen or missing. You can use it to keep small items like phones, ID cards, ATM cards, money, keys, and more safe during your stay at the camp.


You will need a padlock at the NYSC orientation camp so you can lock your bags and boxes to prevent thieves from accessing your properties. Many people have lost their properties at the NYSC orientation camp, and you wouldn’t want to be one of them.

Power Bank

It would be best if you have power bank at the camp so you can always charge your phone conveniently when there is a shortage of power.


For lovers of music and movies, you would not want to disturb others with what you are watching or listening. It’s important that you respect the privacy of other corpers in your room by using your earphones. They can also help you make calls because the camp is a boisterous environment.

Table Showing All Compulsory Documents for NYSC Camping

No.DocumentsWhy you Need it
1.Final year ID cardTo identify with the school you graduated from.
2.NYSC call-up letterTo show that you were truly posted to that camp by NYSC.
3.Result statement (B.SC or HND)A proof that you have graduated from the university or polytechnic.
4.Medical fitness certificateTo ascertain your current health condition.
5.NYSC green cardTo clarify that you have successfully completed your NYSC online registration for mobilization.
6.Passport photographsTo register you in person as a corp member.
7.Uploaded documents  To confirm the validity of the documents uploaded during the online registration.

Table Showing All Essentials on NYSC Camping Checklist

No.ItemsWhy you Need it
1.White  T-shirtsSo you will not be stranded if the ones NYSC gives you are not your size or you do not like the quality.
2.Mobile phonesTo communicate with people inside and outside the camp. Also, your phone will be needed to take pictures and retain the incredible memories from your NYSC camping experience.
3.White shortsTo have clean shorts available for use every day.
4.White Socks and white tennis shoesIn case it is difficult to dry the ones NYSC gives you after washing, you will have something to rely on.
5.Tea and cerealsTo complement the tea you will be served at the NYSC camp which is always watery. The cereal can serve a quick meal sometimes when you don’t get good food at the camp.
6.ToiletriesTo avoid sharing other people’s personal belongings and to prevent infections.
7.Mosquitoes NetTo protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects at the camp so you can stay healthy.
8.TorchlightAs an additional light source in case there is a power outage.
9.Waist PouchTo keep smaller items like keys, ATM cards, ID cards, phones etc., safe and secured.
10.PadlockIt helps you to keep your properties safe from camp thieves especially when you are not in your room.
11.Power bankThe power bank ensures your phone is always on.
12.EarphonesTo give you some privacy when making calls, watching videos, listening to music, etc.

Final Words on NYSC Camping Checklist

It is advisable to go through this NYSC camping checklist when packing for the NYSC orientation program so you don’t take any chances or forget anything that is essential.

Also, the most important thing you need at the NYSC orientation camp is money. If you can’t travel with cash, go to the camp with your ATM card. The prices of most items at NYSC camps are slightly higher than those outside the camp because the traders believe that corpers will have no choice but to patronize them.

So it would be best if you either go to the camp with everything you need for the 21days camping or go with enough money to buy them. 

In addition, to avoid packing so much when going to the camp, you can buy other heavier items like pillows, bed sheets, blankets, buckets, etc., at any market close to your camping area.

This guide has revealed the NYSC camping checklist you need to know for a comfortable camping experience.

Have you visited any of the NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria? What was your experience like?

Also, if you think an additional item that was not included in the checklist is necessary, let us know in the comment section below.

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