Top Tourist Attractions And Things To Do In Benue State

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New in Benue or planning to visit? This article on top tourist attractions and things to do in Benue State highlights the things you need to know about Borno State hot spots and things to do in the state.

Top Tourist Attractions And Things To Do In Benue State

Top Tourist Attractions And Things To Do In Benue State – An Introduction

Nigeria is blessed with beautiful states that have their unique characteristics.

The best thing to do when visiting any state is to go with an open mind as it will be wrong to have the same expectations from all states.

Benue state is one of those low-key states with a lot of tourism potentials that are yet to be fully harnessed.

In this piece, we’ll discuss the top tourist attractions and things to do in Benue State.

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About Benue State

Benue State was carved out from the former Benue-Plateau State in 1976, and it was named after the Benue River. 

If you are looking to explore diverse options while serving as an NYSC member in Nigeria, consider Benue state as one of the states to do your NYSC.

Benue NYSC camp might not be the best in the country, but it is an experience that should not be ignored, and serving in the state is a beautiful experience.

There are so many industries in Benue state that contributes to its economic growth. Some are food and beverage companies and others are not.

Either way, Benue State has bountiful food supply.

Some of the companies in Benue State are:

  • Agro Millers Limited.
  • Lobi Cassava Limited.
  • Benue Burnt Bricks Limited.
  • Benco Roofing Tiles.
  • Mega Foods and Beverages Processing Co. Limited, and much more.

Facts about Benue State

It will be a bummer for you as a tourist to think of exploring beaches in Benue State as the only beach in the state is the Markudi Beach.

It is, however, a beautiful place to hang out and have a picnic in Benue.

Historical Background of Benue State

Here are some historical facts about Benue State:

Map of Benue State

Benue State Map
Source: Research Gate

About North Central Nigeria

The North Central Region of Nigeria is often called the middle belt.

Some of them find it offensive if you say they are from the north, so you need to be guided.

The states that make up the North Central Region of Nigeria are:

  • Benue State
  • Kogi State
  • Kwara State
  • Nassarawa State
  • Niger State
  • Plateau State
  • Federal Capital Territory

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It might be because of the similarities in name, but we have seen most people mix-up Benue State for Borno State.

We would want to clarify that Benue State and Borno State are different, and are not even in the same geopolitical zone.

Mineral Resources in Benue State

There is a reason why Benue State is referred to as the food basket of the nation.

We were not wrong to earlier state that there are potentials yet to be harnessed in this state.

Their agricultural sector is top-notch, and they are also blessed with natural and mineral resources.

The mineral resources in Benue State include:

  • Baryte
  • Gypsum
  • Limestone
  • Feldspar
  • Wolframite
  • Kaolinite
  • Gemstones, and more.

Natural Resources in Benue State

Natural resources are also not left out of the fantastic interests you can find in Benue State.

The Natural Resources in Benue State are:

  • Soybean 
  • Yam
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Sesame
  • Cassava
  • Sweet-potato
  • Maize
  • Sorghum
  • Millet, and much more.

Benue state is also an enabling environment for wildlife.

Local Government Areas in Benue State

It will be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the local government areas in Benue state if you wish to visit the state.

This will help you decide on where you want to reside during your stay in the state.

It could also be that you want to relocate to Benue state, or you are looking for the best local government area in Benue state to invest in. 

There are 23 Local Government Areas in Benue State, and they are:

  • Ado 
  • Agatu
  • Apa
  • Buruku
  • Gboko
  • Guma
  • Gwer East
  • Gwer West
  • Katsina-Ala
  • Konshisha
  • Kwande
  • Logo
  • Makurdi
  • Obi
  • Ogbadibo
  • Ohimini
  • Oju
  • Okpokwu
  • Otukpo
  • Tarka
  • Ukum
  • Ushongo
  • Vandeikya

The largest local government area in Benue State in Konshisha Local Government Area.

The state capital is Makurdi.

One thing you should know about Makurdi is that it is a river port that is always bustling with commercial activities.

Hills and Ranges in Benue State

The hills and Ranges in Benue State serve as its top tourist attractions, and there are so many of them that you can visit when you are in Benue State.

Some of the tourist attractions hills and ranges include;

Mkar Hills

This hill is located in Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State and gives you a perfect elevation view of the state.

Ikyogen Hills

As a foreigner in the city, this is one of the first recommendations you will get.

If you are about hiking and exploration, this is the place you should visit when you are in the state.

Not only is it a hill, but it is also a cattle range.

It is a fulfilling place to spend your time.

Benue Hills

There are so many things to do at this place, which makes it a favorite for tourists.

At the Benue Hills, you will get a closer connection with nature.

sHere, you get to mingle with other people and do activities such as rock climbing and kite flying.

Recreational Centers in Benue State

Asides the hill and ranges, there are other places you can visit when you are in Benue State.

The recreational centers in Benue State are:

Enemabia Warm Springs

A perk about this place is that it is open 24 hours of the day.

The stream is perfect for swimming, and you will always see people in abundance.

It gives you a relaxing feeling, and you will always be on broad smiles.

It is a must to visit this place when you are in Benue State.

National Art Gallery Markudi

You should visit this place to see some of the most beautiful artworks in Nigeria.

If you are a lover of arts, this is the perfect place for you.

Hotels in Benue State

Lodging is a major issue for tourists in any new area, but you will notice that the Benue state hotels are cheap compared to other places.

These cheap hotels in Benue State are, however, equipped and offer services that’ll impress you.

Here are some of the best hotels in Benue state for you to lodge:

  • Benue Resorts and Hotels
  • Hallydays Hotels and Resorts
  • Empire Suites
  • Hampton Mews Luxury Apartments and Hotels
  • Zagnais Suites

Universities and Colleges in Benue State

The state is an advocate for education and learning, so you will find educational institutions.

You can explore these places if you desire.

The universities and colleges in Benue State are:

Conclusion on Top Tourist Attractions and Things To Do In Benue State

We have compiled adequate information in this article to assist you if you visit Benue state for the first time.

Information to Know recommends you get a Benue State map to aid you in navigating the state.

We wish you the best as you explore these top tourist attractions and things to do in Benue State.

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