Questions to Ask Before Buying Cheap Travel Insurance in Nigeria

Questions to Ask Before Buying Cheap Travel Insurance in Nigeria
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It’s tempting to go for cheap travel insurance in Nigeria. Before you do, ensure you ask these must-ask questions to save yourself from trouble.

A Background

Undoubtedly, we live in uncertain times, which calls for realistic measures to avoid loss of life, property, or other valuables. Fortunately, insurance companies have stepped in to ease the pressure by providing a wide range of premium coverage against certain risks. A travel insurance policy is one of them.

This article answers your questions about travel insurance and informs you on the right questions to ask before purchasing any travel insurance policy. So, let’s get started.

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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an insurance policy that helps protect against the risks of traveling. If you opt for insurance, you should expect to enjoy indemnity against unpredicted events. Such events include a delayed flight, loss of luggage, flight cancellation, and medical emergencies that may occur during the trip.

Ideally, the insurance company will provide a detailed explanation of what your travel insurance cover protects against. In addition, many traveling agencies usually offer clients the option of buying a travel insurance package in the event of any mishap during travel.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Cheap Travel Insurance in Nigeria

If you decide to take a travel insurance plan, you should know many things about your plan because travel insurance policies differ. This means you may not get coverage for specific mishaps during your travel.

Specifically, some travel insurance packages may cover medical expenses during travel only, while others may cover just flight cancellations or delayed trips. So, before you embark on your next trip, you should determine if your insurance policy fully covers you. And if not, what are the exceptions?

It will help if you ask your policy provider these questions before buying travel insurance in Nigeria.

Will My Travel Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

It’s important to know if the insurance company exclude pre-existing medical condition on its travel policies. This means if you have any severe health condition that requires urgent medical attention during your trip, the policy may not cover it as long as it existed before your travel commenced.

Ideally, most companies providing travel insurance in Nigeria usually permit pre-existing medical conditions on early policy purchase. Some may specify that if you buy the insurance package within a week of your initial deposit, you can enjoy full coverage during your trip abroad.

Will My Insurance Company Pay the Healthcare Provider Directly?

Asking questions about policy payout is extremely important before buying travel insurance in Nigeria. In most scenarios, some travel insurance does not make payment directly to the health care provider when you need care during a trip. Some policies may specify payment only for specific care provided. This could mean you have to take care of some out-of-pocket medical bills.

So, if you think you can’t afford any medical expenses during your travel, no matter how small, you should opt for travel policies that include full medical coverage.

Does Your Plan Cover Any Adventure Activities During Travel?

If you are traveling for a vacation where you may indulge in adventure activities, it’s essential to know if the policy covers such activities. Some insurance label these activities as “high-risk sports.” And may exclude it from the plan if the chances of injury are high.

However, some travel insurance in Nigeria includes sports that involve low risk and may unlikely result in a fatal injury.

What is the Highest Pay Provided by the Insurance Cover?

Do you have an idea of the cap on your travel insurance? Buying a travel insurance package whose maximum payment wasn’t specified may be risky. Knowing the total cap will guide you during your travel. You would know what activities to engage in, and the ones to refrain from. This is extremely important if traveling to another country on a tight budget.

How Do I File a Claim?

It’s not enough to know what is covered and what is not. It would help if you were also concerned about filing a claim with the insurance company. The Insured Claim Ratio (ICR) may answer this question as it shows the ratio of the number of claims registered versus the number of claims settled within a year. The higher the ICR, the better.

You must also determine if the process is fast and easy. For example, there is no point in waiting for days for your claim when you face a serious medical condition (which is included in the travel plan) during your travel.

Does the Policy Cover Your Travel Destination?

Most travel insurance in Nigeria declares some countries and regions as “unsafe zone.” This may include places of prolonged political unrest or highly unsecured places. And may not be included in the policy. So, you must know if your destination is among the places supported by the policy.

What Does the Policy Exclude?

Travel insurance generally specifies certain situations where the insurance provider may not provide coverage to the policyholder. For instance, most insurance policies do not cover any losses you incur while you are under the influence of hard drugs or drunk.

Knowing the inclusions and exclusions of your policy could help you keep your activities under check during travel. This is to avoid any mistakes that could make you ineligible for a travel insurance cover.

Why Purchase Cheap Travel Insurance in Nigeria?

Most people ignore insurance because they were not informed about its benefits. Some others think it costs too much money. The truth is travel insurance in Nigeria could be your most significant support when traveling with aged parents or kids. The policy could help you deal with emergencies and unwanted situations during your travel. It could also help you recover financially if you lose luggage or other properties in your possession during your journey.

Wrapping Up

You now know the questions to ask before buying cheap travel insurance in Nigeria. The best time to ask these questions is before you travel. After traveling, you may not be permitted to make amends to your travel insurance package. The answers you get will help you research, make adequate plans, and eventually choose the best travel insurance in Nigeria.

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