Top Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria

Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria
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The rise in the adoption of digital marketing by businesses came with a corresponding increase in the need to produce quality content. This article aims to make it easy for business owners to recruit the best freelance content writers in Nigeria.

After reading this piece, you’ll know more about some fantastic Nigerian content writers and how you can hire them for your projects.

Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria
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Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria – An Introduction

As a business owner in Nigeria looking to adopt content marketing to boost your business, you might have heard of content writers, who they are, what they do, and even how they do it.

You probably know or didn’t know the types of content writers and what suits your business most.

It’s understandable because let me guess, you’re new to the system and can do with some informed recommendations.

This piece will cover content writers, who they are, what they do, and why it is essential to hire one for your project.

Not only that, but we are also going to highlight some of the most talented freelance content writers Nigeria has to offer.

Who is a Content Writer?

A content writer creates written content for digital and non-digital assets such as newspapers and magazines.

Content writing services and responsibilities often include but are not limited to; 

  • Researching on different topics 
  • Curating content 
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Adhering to SEO best practices to increase traffic.

The importance of content writers cannot be overemphasized. 

We refer to them as key ingredients that contribute to the success of any business they work with.

We work with some of the best content writers in Nigeria to develop the articles you read on this blog.

Things to look out for when looking for a Freelance Content Writer in Nigeria

When looking for a freelance content writer, there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure you find the right one. 

Whether you wish to work with a freelancer or copywriting agency in Nigeria, you should check out for the following;

  • Content Writing Rate
  • Years of experience
  • Ability to meet the set deadline
  • Skillset

Some people believe that the industry of content marketing in Nigeria is yet to take full flight.

We cannot dispute that claim.

Many Nigerian freelance writers have opted for foreign freelance platforms because the ones in Nigeria are still developing. 

However, we cannot dispute that Nigeria is home to some of the most talented freelance content writers in the world

There’s no denying that Nigerians stand out when given a chance. 

Freelance marketplaces are dotted with Nigerian writers who have managed to make a name for themselves, despite Nigeria’s negative reputation in the online world. 

We have taken out the time to search the nooks and crannies of the web and beyond to bring you these experienced content writers

Get your projects lined up, because, by the end of this article, you would have some content writers you would want on your team. 

Here is our list of top freelance content writers in Nigeria – the very best. 

Top Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria
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Top Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria 

Positive Equator – Direct Response Copywriter and Freelance SEO Content Writer

Positive Equator is the co-founder of Positive Equator, a freelance copywriting company in Nigeria

For over 5 years, he has worked with several brands across many industries all over the world.

Positive Equator has worked through many freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

He has more than five years of professional content writing experience and has over the years, given his clients 100% client satisfaction and on-time delivery.

He prides himself in his work process, including discussing and understanding a client’s project objective before proceeding with keyword research and competitors’ analysis. 

With the accurate research-based data on hand, he goes ahead to craft the most lead-generating copies.

Positive Equator specializes in SEO website content, articles, blog posts, and business copywriting for new and existing businesses.

He’s a content writing influencer on Twitter and is certified by both Google and Hubspot in Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Sales Enablement.

Lauren Taylor – Professional SEO Website Content Writer and Ghost Blogger

Lauren Taylor, unpopularly referred to as the Fiverr Website Content Queen, is a freelance writer with specialization in search engine optimized website content.

Over the years, she has worked with over 300 satisfied clients who have written her the best reviews on Fiverr.

Taylor is famous for helping many new and existing businesses develop web content that’ll help them generate high traffic from Google and other search engines.

She’s a direct response copywriter who understands the intricacies of buyer persona and behavior and leverages her insight in creating contents that convert.

Lauren Taylor can be found on Fiverr via her profile page. You might want to check out one of her best selling gigs.

She is certified by Hubspot in Content and Inbound Marketing and comes highly recommended.

Eboh Charles – Professional Writer & Customer Service Manager

We discovered Charles on Upwork, a popular US freelance website. He has completed 100+ jobs followed by a 100% success rating meaning all clients were satisfied. 

He believes that as long as you are selling a product that needs the internet, you need to capture customers’ attention.

How are people going to learn about your fantastic business if you can’t get them to read your content?

Charles is your go-to guy for eye-catching articles that make your readers want more.

He specializes in blog writing, article writing and rewriting, data entry, research, and editing. 

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Taye M – Writer & Editor

Another Upwork prodigy, Taye, is a man who believes your time and energy are precious.

If you are not talented at writing, then don’t give yourself a headache trying, especially when you have a deadline to meet. 

He has successfully ghostwritten over 250 Kindle ebooks in 4 years.

He brings true professionalism to your projects.

Taye specializes in creative writing, ghostwriting, article writing, and content in the medical niche

Babatunde Oladepo – Article & Blog Writer, Translator, Proofreader

We stumbled upon Oladepo on the Nigerian freelance website, Truelancer. His profile stood out to us because of the positive reviews from clients.

He is quite the jack of all trades – A programmer and a writer with a tech background.

He specializes in content writing, translation services, lead generation, and fetch mail.

Working with Oladepo, you are guaranteed to get high-quality, unique content with quick delivery. 

Enemanna Chidinma – Article Writer, Web content writer, Ghost Writer

If you need long-form content, Chidinma is your go-to girl.

A lot of the content we see on the web averages about 1000 words. Long yes, but nothing compared to what she can dish out. 

She has successfully ghostwritten ebooks of thousands of words long and curated content for different businesses.  

Why do we say she does this successfully?

Her writing style provides value that makes readers forget the length of what they are reading. 

A public relations specialist, Chidinma, graduated with a 2.1 in Mass Communication.

Now we can understand why she has so much knowledge of what she does to back up the experience she has.

She specializes in blog writing, article writing, ghostwriting, and social media management.

Rosemary Inok – Copywriter & Ghost Blogger

Rosemary has wowed many with her ability to express herself with words. Her work has been published in BrittlePaper

Her ability to create unique, error-free content each time is something that should be studied.

Not to mention, she always delivers within her deadline. Her writing is clear, concise, and packed with appropriate visual aids.

With an educational background in accounting, she’s also able to write on finance-related topics with ease.

Concepts like mutual funding are easy to understand when Rosemary is explaining it. 

She specializes in curating content for blog posts, product descriptions, and reviews.  

Conclusion on Top Freelance Content Writers in Nigeria 

There you have it, our list of top Nigerian content writers leading the freelance writing market to greater heights. 

Have you worked with any of these freelance content writers in Nigeria?

What was your experience?

Do you know an amazing Nigerian content writer that should be on this list?

Tell us in the comment section.

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